Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #138 - Watch this, win Dean's iPad

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog
Wow! Loyal viewers can win Dean's personal iPad!

All you need to do is watch this video, answer the question he asks by just by leaving a comment below and you will be in the drawing to win.

It just doesn't get any easier then that! Good thing you've stay tuned to!

Currently I'm more

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Currently I'm more interested in wholesaling for quick cash.

Interested in all 3

Sorry Dean:
So far all I have done is buy, fix and flip to retail buyer, but I am just trying to start doing the other two, so I can't decide. Hope this is an acceptable answer.


They all Would Work for Us ...

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We normally buy, fix, & flip to a end retail buyer; have also held for rentals; but would like to also wholesale properties to other investors. This way we could utilize all strategies to the fullest.


I am only interested in wholesale deals.

John Bailey


Im more interested in buying low fix n flip.

Yes Dean, Good Afternoon

I am interested in the wholesaling ins and outs and from beginning to end of the transactions. I need money quick. As soon as I can I want to buy and hold for cash flow. I do not have the money to put out on anything so wholesaling it is. Thank you for being there. God willing maybe I will win. Thanks again and I really am interested in every facet of REI.

I want to try it all...

but I am starting with wholesaling. As my income grows, I will move on to other investment strategies. Thanks for the opportunity.

Started the wholesaling process but missing somthing

I am very interested in the wholesale process for start-up cash. Haven't had much luck with private lending. So wholesaling is what I'm most interested in. I'm missing somthing because I haven't completed a wholesale deal as of yet. Must be missing something but I will never give-up. Thanks for everything Dean. I love your inspiration!

Winning Dean's ipad

Just a rookie so will begin with wholesale deals.

hold it is.

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ugggg...tough choice. How do you choose between money, money or money. lol

close race between flip or hold. Got to go with hold.

Thanks Dean - you're awesome!

Jen Gray

I'd have to say

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I'm mostly interested in wholesaling. Not only is it great to get on your feet but once you learn and master it you can use it for quick cash anytime you're in a bind.

Wholesaling on The-Go...

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Currently, It'd be great to learn how to wholesale any time any where on-demand!

It be great to go into any state/city and have the know-how and confidence to start turning deals left and right.

Thanks for the opportunity Dean,



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Hi Dean,

I am interested in Wholesaling successfully.

Being in the Success Academy and so far submitting over 100 offers, I have yet to get an offer accepted.

At this point I would simply like to know how to wholesale successfully.

Thanks for the information.

Brad Thomsen


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I am most interested in wholesaling at this time. Mainly because the credt takes to puit and income it takes to quilify for lending are not yet at my disposal.

Buying really cheap

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I more interested in buying really, really cheap and holding for rental then when the market turns around selling for a nice profit.


What I am looking to do...

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I have put my cash into being a part of the Insider's Edge and July's Buying Summit that starts on Thursday. I am really looking at being able to increase my working capital through Wholesaling and then work my way into more cash flow opportunities through the monthly Buying Summits. Thanks again.

wholesale in canada

Hi DEAN!Yes I am ukrainian-canadian student of DGAcademy and YES,YES,YES most definitely wholesale working The Best.It is one of NO MONEY DOWN technique.I will be happy to see DG team in Canada one day.


I like wholesale but frankly i love all three i'm still tring 2 get firstdeal under my belt i'm fustrated need help short sale in progress ps. still tring


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I am interested in Wholesaling at this time due to lack of $ & time.Although I really want to learn all aspects of REI.Thanks for allways being there Dean.Thanks for your inspiration & wisdom.GOD Bless you & your family.

Corpus Christi,Texas.

Cashflow and Cashing out!

I'm definitely most interested in buying properties at great discounts, fixing them up (if needed) and renting them out and then selling them when the market goes back up.

It's something Matt made a great case for in teaching me when he was here in Virginia for my three day on site mentorship.


Hello to everyone, currently im finding supper deals but im a little rusty on the matching up with buyers, so far ive gained self confidence, and new freinds that use to be strangers, im so close, its like a kid being the first one thrugh the toy store with a pocket full of money,Feels good,keep on keeping on,thanks Dean!

Right Now

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I just might be limited to wholesaling BUT when I really get in the game I definitely want to do it ALL. (WHAT BOX?)

like them all BUT

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Out of all three...currently I favor the BUY AND HOLD STRATEGY......only because I am setting my self up for the future....... hear what's coming! !!!!!!!!


I Pad offer

Wholesailing Need the connections to match together buyers and sellers. Have looked at a lot of properties and talked to sellers having hard time finding qualified borrowers

You mean I have to choose only ONE?

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Sticking out tongue Well, I don't know what my answer would be other than 'it depends'. Smiling

I of course want to pick up properties well below market. If the renting #s make sense, I want to hold them and keep them as rentals (but have run into major roadblocks with financing). If the numbers to sell, including the tax bracket I'd get hit with by selling a property after a rehab, make sense, I want to flip them to a retail buyer right away. But ideally, I want to be in a position of having 'extra deals' that I can wholesale to other investors on my buyers list.

So, I guess that answer is about as helpful as a heater running in 110 degree weather and I can't narrow it down to just one strategy, but I like having multiple choices and avenues to take. Laughing out loud If financing weren't an issue right now I'd be buying and holding AS MUCH as possible. Sticking out tongue

Cash flow!

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My goal is to buy and hold as many properties as possible! I have begun this process using a self directed IRA in the Cleveland market. Once the last home I've rehabbed in Seattle sells, I hope to do buy and hold in high return markets with the profit and then do no-season refis. I am having difficulty finding banks to do this, but I have one.
At the same time, I love a good rehab and flip, but the stress involved can be a bit much while funds are tied up and the market keeps sinking.
Definitely am also trying to get the wholesale strategy moving for some fast cash with no risk!
So - which one? All 3, but primarily buy and hold for cash flow and eventual big profit when the market turns around.
Thanks for asking Dean. I can't wait to see what you are preparing for us, and golly, I'd love that IPAD Smiling
Just picked a ton of strawberries in my backyard, wish I could share some with you. (Raspberries too!)Sticking out tongue

Wholesaling now to buy low later

Currently no cash, credit etc. so wholesaling.

IPAD Drawing Wholesaling

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Right now wholesaling and Buy Cheap, Rehab,and Flipping.

I look forward to enjoying that IPAD...especially with all your great interviews to be inspired by and educated by.


very good deal

I like to buy fix n flip, If i can't flip it buy and hold.


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We want to buy low rehab and hold.

We also want to know everything you know Dean so we are open to what you have to say.

Thanks for taking the time to post this blog and offering a Ipad with great information on it.

Steve and Veronica.

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