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Hello to all concerned,`Iam a Single Dad
of two beutifull girls. Lost my J.O.B. in this economy.saw DG'S program baught the book .however I need Hands on Assistence don't have money or credit,
or to pay for Deans Accademy.

please help I'm willing to work something out for your emmediate Assistence after profit from first deal.

Thanks, Thomas


hi i read the books and been

hi i read the books and been working almost everyday learning new things in real estate Im on deans Accademy and i know knowledge is key i just want to make sure i have every bit of knowledge i know the best thing for me right now is if i could just watch learn listen and work with a skilled investor

thanks for your time Lawrence chepo

email chepolorenzo@****

Hi Josh.......

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Have you tried to create your buyers list?
From what I have learned that is the number one thing you need to do...
I have some info that you can use...
Contact me if you are interested.
Take care and good luck!

Alex Rubio from Houston

Please forgive

Alex, I believe I replied to your info about a Buyers List. Unfortunately I hadn't yet received a copy of the website rules. I included my email addy by mistake. Sorry.

I'd still like any info you can give me about building a buyers list. Thanks.