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Alex Rubio
Houston, Tx
About Me: 

I am from Mexico City, I came to this country 15 years ago. I went to High School and went to ITT Tech for an Associates in drafting and Design. I worked for an Architectural firm for 6 years, but for the past 4 I've been working for Engineering firms in the Refinery business. I know that the Houston community needs Real Estate Investors to step up and help those in need. I want to be one of those investors!!!
Let's make a difference in someones life!!!

Spending time with my family, Sports, Dancing Salsa

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Structural Designer
Have Child(ren)
Completed College

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Mainly Just This One


Hola Alex, como te va ?

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Hola Alex, como te va ?

Hey Pedro

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Congratulations!!! on passing the first quiz......
Are you a Success Academy Student?
I worked with many Civil Engineers here In Houston, Tx
I am at Fluor in Sugar Land, Tx don't know if you know it but anyway that is not important......
Keep it up and let me know what you learn and apply in the next couple of days, I will do the same so we can learn from each other and be succesfull at this how is that........

Alex Rubio


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Welcome and congratulations for being part of the DG website community. The website is packed with great information and inspiration. I just wanted to stop by your guestbook and wish you good luck with real estate investing. Each day continue to increase your knowledge with real estate and before long good things will happen. Go for it, you can do it! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Hey Joe!!!

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Thanks for stoping by.... I have heard lots about you. It really means a lot to me the fact that you took some time out of you way to post a coment here in my profile....I am tryng to get the show started since I have been told at work that the work load is decreasing and we might not have any more work by the beginin of the year. If you can give me some advice on this deal that i am doing I will apreciated very much.
Thank you again Joe and have a nice Day!!!!

Alex Rubio

Bien Pedro.....

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Aqui andamos ya en las ultimas terminando los arreglos de la primera invercion echa......yo pienso que para primera semana de Diciembre pondremos la casa en venta......
Y tu como sigues con RE?
Suerte Pedro


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Que pasa Alex? What's good Alex? Good to see newbies wanting to enhance there real estate investing knowledge. It's not hard once you stay involved in it everyday. This is such a good website. Research this website, throughly, if you haven't done yet! Wish you the best in your journey!
- Peace Of Mind Property Solution, LLC.

Got your email..........

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Thanks Kevin got your email and i will be sending the docs back to you as soon as i can.....
I been b z with the house all this week but i will shoot you an email with the pics...
Take Care

Alex Rubio from Houston


I am very interested in receiving a copy of the PDF Mini Book on foreclosures, thank you.

email it to me at: sb.barnes3@****

PDF book

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Please send me a message at
alex.rubio@ultimateres dot net so I can email you the books!!


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HI Alex thanks for that foreclosure info i appropriate it lol late reply

Don't worry abou it...........

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It's all good I hope you can us it to purchase some properties soon!!
Take care

May You have Great Success

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May You have Great Success on your Journey! Thanks For Coming Aboard!



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Hi I just got the program today and I don't know what to do? Im overwhelem. How long have you been doing this? Ay advice is greatly appreciated

Alex im in the ft. lauderdale area/please help me!

Alex i need someone that has done this before to help me out with what im doing im so cunfused and have no idea what to do first.

please i need some help, im in the worst situation, i have no money and no car, just a computer and all the time in the world, can i still make money with dean's program? and can i make it soon and fast because i really need this to turn my life back on the good side for once. please any help you can give me on making a first deal to get me back on my feet a little bit would mean the world to me.

Hi Alex Rubio

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Hi Alex:
O como decimes en Mexic:
Que onda mi Alex!
Vivo en California, especificamente en Calexico, Ca. 92231
If you have any interest in this area, please, let me know.
I am new in DG family, one week that bought the book and still reading!
But, its good to know that someone in Houston could help or be a partner, who knows?
If you have any ideas or deal to share or explore, please, let me know.
See you soon!


Hi Alex I currently reside in Sugar Land TX are you still looking for
houses in this area.

DG member

Hey Alex,

My name is Jerry Flores and I'm wondering if you invest in the Corpus Christi area or if you know anyone who does?

Hola Alex

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veo que eres del D.F. - yo creci ahi...

Te deseo much suerte en esto de las inversiones!