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Newbie...Needs a little help from experience DG student!

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I have contacted a few of the ads "I buy homes" I talked to them and they told me the general areas that they are interested delima realtor is sending me many homes well below FMV, however I am unsure how to match a property with that investor. Do I go out and put many offers on many properties in the hope that he wants to let me assign the contract to him for a fee? He wants me to give him the addresses up front...Or can I ask him to sign a non-circumvent agreement prior to me placing a contract on a pecific property and once he says he wants property "A".... I then lock it up in a contract?

I am so confident this will be a great thing in my life...I just need a little specific direction to get to my 1st deal with Dean's program!

Thank You,
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