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Hi Dean, U don't know me here..just finished the 3 days and now ready to start a new way of life and learn from u & the staff. I made up a house to sell on postlets just to see how it works, under debtaylor,think ur right about it,it is going to be a great tool for us...Thank you

hello Dean

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Back from Vegas..had trouble with signing in for long time..have seen more then it says I have..but I wanted to thank you so much for all the info we learned in Vegas and for the way everything was set up..the only thing.. we had a problem with was the hotel staff taking (tryin too) our plates before we were done..taking them while we got a refill on our drinks or while we was sitting right there. one girl said we were hoarding desserts because we had them for later in the morning before lunch..she didn't like our table much.. the everything else was so good and taught me just what I wanted to know and headed in the right direction.. Now I just have to watch all the DVD's and read the THANK YOU