Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #226 - Chasing the Horizon and Free iPhone 5

Ever feel like you just aren’t doing enough? Do you have a vision of yourself (or your life) that just doesn’t match with reality? If you have a habit of comparing your live, your success or your path with anyone else you are playing a losing game.

In this video, Dean discusses how to overcome this “self-defeating habit” so you can really feel the joy of your successes. Then he tops it all off with a piece of homework that will not only help you as an investor, but will give you a chance to win a new iPhone 5 that Dean is giving away.

Hi Dean

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I created an account on, but since I don't have any properties yet I couldn't really do anything else.

I really liked your weekly wisdom today. I get so mad at myself for not doing more. But if I look back, I can see that I have learned alot and I am taking action now in REI. I created my journal yesterday and will be posting to it every day to keep myself accountable. I met w/my atty. last week and attended an auction, so I feel like I'm moving forward.

Thanks for everything you do!

Postlets looks like the Most-lets

I don't have anything to advertise at the moment but I found the Postlets site to be a phenominal way to get properties out there for buyers to see. It's a great, very polished looking site. Thanks for letting us know about it.

Love postlets

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I have used them in the past Dean and they have a great service. I look forward to seeing you again on the 26th of next month. I read the post about the mentoring deal and let her know that I was sorry that happened to her. Again good post and I will see you next month..NOW GO GET SOME..

Great Weekly!

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Thank you for telling us about Postlets... although I already knew about it, I had never taken the time to actually advertise anything on it; so today I finally tried it! (and it's not because of the Iphone5 Eye-wink
It is amazing!!! I used one of my rental properties as an example to fill out the form and then saved it as a draft. It's very user friendly, so I will definitely try to use it in the future... very cool!

Signed Up to Postlets

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Just signed up to it. What a great site. Can not wait to what you come up with Dean..

Great Weekly Blog


I just signed up with I'm looking forward to using it in the Quad Cities.

Thanks, Kraigg

when the student is ready the teacher appears. lol

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Thanks Dean. I needed this blog. Gap I've heard you teach it twice. Last time was only months ago in one of the Inner Circle events on the IE Library of awesomeness!

Yep, self diagnosed -- I've allowed myself to unpack a back, stretch out the sleeping bag, snuggle in and take residence in the Gap! lol I'm the 1st one to whip myself for not doing enough and the last one to turn around and look back at how far I've come. Heck I wrote a post on here this morning "20 seconds....A Victory is never obtained without some kind of battle" re-read it after the blog and it REEKS of the gap!
Somewhere along the lines of the last 4-5 months I stopped doing 2 things I was doing each morning. That I started after seeing the IE videos and spurred from a life coaching session. Which was asking myself every single day: #1) Name 5 things I am thankful for and #2) Name 5 things I am proud of myself for accomplishing
These were my Get Out and Stay Out of the gap antidotes. Which are now back in my daily morning regiment of working on me!

lol! Wow, how simple. Something that's been right there all along that I neglected to see.

Love how God gives you what you need when you need it! lol

Thank you Dean.

Oh yeah, love postlets! We go WAY back! Best thing since sliced bread! hahahaha!

Enlightened and relieved
I am blessed and highly favored!

In The Gap!

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Hi Dean,

Yep, sounds like me alright! That's where I've been for a long, long time....way too long to admit!

I'm happy to say that I've finally reached the Plateau by closing on my first deal this past Friday and I couldn't be more excited and proud!!! No way was I ever gonna give up!!!! Actually have another deal set to close the end of this week! Smiling

I use Postlets ALL the time! As a matter of fact; just picked up another Buyer today that saw an ad of mine on Zillow via Postlets (one I just closed on).

Thanks Dean! I needed the new did you know? LOL!

- John

Chasing the Horizon......

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom, and so true.....

Better we compare our self to our self and see how far we all have come.......

I have learned so much since I went to the seminar, and than I joined this site.....I listened, and have been learning ever since....

Along the way, I am talking to nice people.....

I am going to now, and sign up

Thank You Dean for all you do, and continue to do for your DG Family.....



What a nice tool! I ended up using my personal home address for this exercise because the address I used first was met with a message that it is already listed on Zillow and Postlets wouldn't post my post using that address! I was able to create and save a sample as a draft, but it raised the question: what does one do if the property is listed on Zillow?!

Lessons Learned....

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Thanks for the reminders of no judgement! Of ourselves or just as important of others!

To help stop judgement of self: Ive asked myself -- What would happen if you gave yourself permission to evolve?

To stop judgement of others: Ive asked myself --- to stand where you are and look back, instead of judgement ask how can I reach out my hand and help that person?

A great mentor once told me - you cannot connect the dots of what you have accomplished, until you look back. - so again Dean, thank you for the reminders!

Warm Hugs,


I created a Postlets account and went through the six steps on an imaginary property(without actually posting it)just to practice seeing how it works.

Hi Dean, Thanks for the

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Hi Dean,
Thanks for the weekly motivation. I finally got over my fears and started on the rbbp, I finally got a perfect real estate agent after calling several and being turned down. It was almost discouraging but I got over it and kept moving forward. Like you said in your blog its a small accomplishment of success, and that makes it all the more sweet. I look at each completed step as a success. Thank you. I also created an account on Its an awesome sight, I'm definitely going to use it more often.

Chasing the Horizon

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Wow this lesson resonates so much with me that It gave me chills while watching it! I felt an intense emotion and some relief. Thank you Dean!

I created a postlets account and been using to advertise my deals to my buyers.
Thanks again


Postlets is awesome

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Hey Dean,

I heard of postlets before but never checked the site out, but thanks for reminding me to check it out. I just created a free account and I would have to say this is a amazing way to advertise a deal to buyers and on Craigslist. I would be putting up a wholesaling deal on Craigslist tomorrow using postlets.

Thanks again Dean


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Hi Dean,

Thanks for another great weekly wisdom.

I did check out Postlets website. I also tried to create an account only to find out that it's not available in Canada.
I don't have a property to post at this time.
But, I will look into this again. I'm sure there is away! lol


PS Looking forward to meeting you at the Buying Summit.


The bribe worked! I've been hearing about postlets, but I just created my account after this weekly wisdom. Glad to have another tool, and this is a good one.



Thank you Dean,
I don't have a property for sell as of yet. But just the same, I followed your instruction and registered at postlets. I look forward to being able to use it to sell properties,one day soon and possibly create other business relationships.

As for trying to be the person,I feel I should be in the future, only now! instead of being and living in the present. My conclusion from what you said, is I was trying to please everyone, when I could not even please myself, that the reason for my information overload was, I am trying to do more then possible and not getting to the point of success, just the illusion that I'm almost there. I am going to work on being more focused and let go all un important task and situtations that aren't my own. Thank You

..I am on it!

Thanks Dean,

Checked out postlets this AM. Signed up and ready to go. Wow the gap example was awesome as I needed to hear that...Monday morning and I have two piles in front of me on my is all the things i completed this weekend and the other is everything else i had wanted to do ...of course i was focused on what is undone until I heard today's WW now my eyes shift left and I feel so much better about how much i crushed...


I've registered on Postlet. I don't have a property yet, but what an awesome idea. I can't wait until I have one to post.

Thanks so much for all you do. I just finished your book "Totally Fulfilled" and it totally changed my outlook on myself. Today's Weekly Wisdom just added to it.

I can't wait to show my naysayers what I have done. That's not a horizon either ... just a mile or so down the road!

Chasing the Horizon and Postlets

Hi Dean,
I love the message. So right on. The maessage so true and I think we all do the would a, should a could a dance to often.

I had never heard of postlets and immediately went over and signed up. It is a great tool, easy to use and having it automatically be listed at sites and the link for emails is AWESOME!!!

Thanks for another GREAT weekly wisdom. I look forward to them always but this weeks was particularly inspire and has helped me out of a mind set Funk.

Thank you so much Dean

Post Lets

Thanks Dean for another great resource that I was not aware of before. Every tidbit of information is like finding a nugget of gold.

Horizon Focus

Hi Dean, I generally agree with your premise; however, I would modify it to say that instead of going for the horizon, pick a manageable point in the direction of the horizon and go "step-by-step" toward that point. Once you achieve that point, look up, pick out a new point forward, and start the journey toward that point, and keep doing this until you reach your personal horizon - or at least get close enough...just my two cents. Postlets is extremely cool and I have established an account. Thanks!

Thanks Dean

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Great video Dean. I look forward to them every week. I have a Postlets account setup, and it looks like an outstanding service. I don't have a property to use at this time, but come hell or high water, I will by the end of the week.
I appreciate all the wisdom and knowledge you share with us.
Thank you.

Just signed up on postlets website. Another great tool from Dean. Thanks

Thanks Dean, good advice and

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Thanks Dean, good advice and encouragement,youve got a great program going here, im looking forward to the future progress and also using postlets on my next deal. have a great day and thanks again!!

Great wisdom Dean !!

Postlets is awesome. Opened an account and the house looks really cool with the layout.Very easy and posts real fast to all the sister sights. This is a must have for all properties. Thanks for the advice as always YOU ROCK!!

Keep reaching for the stars !!

New Day!!! Thank You Dean

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Just finished the first 3 start & out look. just signed up on Postlets. Made up a house to see how it works and it was great. Also want to thank you for the tickets that got me started w/U.
I have lost everything twice in my life..& now with the right tools I can move on again in the right direction..and moving upppp!!


Never heard of Postlets before. What a wonderful idea. Opened an aco**** for WHEN (not if) I have a deal to make. Thanks for making this available, Dean

Postlets Works

Have 2 houses under contract and placed them on Postlets and immediately started getting emails & phone calls. Showing the properties today! Thank you for showing us this website. Matt talked about this last weekend in Vegas training and it really does work. Stick with Dean & Matt and you won't go wrong:)
Dan,Kendra &Heston