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fake it til you make it

I like the video blog. And he is right it starts in the 6 inches between the ears. Right now things are been cut off like; cell phone ,landline phone no money coming to eat.I just started getting food stamps. I have no job.I am sure without a doubt real estate is it .NO car only a bike gonig through a divorce family on my wife sde of says I do not have what it takes . So no support other than the DG family. I WILL MAKE IT even if it kills me. It is the only thing I have. Thanks to you all.

probate deals

I have a letter I use for my probate. More importantly I have a stamp I use on the outside of the letter that says probate information. It assures that my letter get open up. First I tell them how sorry to hear of thier lost it is never easy, I would to offer my service we buy properties asis and I also show why using my service is better than using a real estate agent .!] i can close quikly2]I take the stress of dealing with decease property# and I can offer them a cash offer or I can them structure payments through seller financ
I stress quikly and show them what market is doing.If you need more contact me. I hope this helps