Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #93 - Lesson on Working With What You Got

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

Dean needs YOUR HELP! In this week's Blog, he smashes a myth that almost everyone got crammed into their head as a kid, and tells you what to do instead.

Plus, he plans on doing an awesome hour of training in the next week or two and YOU get to decide what he will teach.

So watch, listen, and reply. We are successful when YOU succeed!

List of things to cover at the conference call

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A:) How to find Short Sales on Craigslist or anywhere online.

B:) How to find motivated sellers

C:) How to locate foreclosures?

Cash Buyers List On the set for life system

On the set for life cash buyers list there are not email addresses or phone numbers how can we contact them.

how to find

true private money lenders that are actively lending now, not hmls or lenders that want to know your credit score but actual private money lenders that only care about the deal.
Alot of people say ask friends or family, but I am telling you there are many of us out there that don't have friends or family with money or ira's to invest with.


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Matt's best one liners writen out, and the best time and place to use them.

Real hard money lenders that want to help Dean's stdents.

Steve and Veronica.

Early Video This Week

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Thanks for asking what we want. The one thing I am working on currently is finding out of state cash buyers like Matt Larson. How did he find them? And how can we do the same?


Any of those..

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Any of the subjects that you mentioned in the video would be great, Dean. I'm particularly interested in how to do lease options & assignments step-by-step. Also, how can you be sure whether or not a "cash buyer" really has enough cash?

I liked what you said about using your strengths. Someone once accused Henry Ford of not being very smart, but he was intelligent enough to hire people to handle that smart stuff for him! Eye-wink

Conference Call Training Topics

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Love the dg site. I'm on it daily trying to soak up all the knowledge I can!

Thanks for all your efforts to keep us motivated. My wife has her doubts and doesn't think I'll follow through. God bless her; she is trying to support one else seems willing to.

I agree with SuperBee:
- Lease options
- Assignments

- Wholesaleing (in general)
- PML's (ones such as rbailey1962 mentions)

I just got your book Your

I just got your book Your Town Your Real Estate Profits and I'm loving what I'm learning and can't wait to get out there and apply what I will have learned. The book talks about assembling a team of professionals. My question though is this: Who should be on my team of professionals?



Topic for Dean

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Hi Dean,
I would like more information on automated wholesaling. This seems to be the best way I can get into the game with the hours that I work. I'm currently in the Set For Life program and I'm looking to automate as much of my business as possible.
Thanks Dean for all you do for all of us!



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Thanks for doing another weekly video blog for us. One lesson I had to learned was always to reward and be happy with myself for what I did during the day and not to be frustrated with what I did not accomplish for the day. Tomorrow is a new day. Smiling In regards to the upcoming conference calls, any topic would be great. I enjoy the calls because i always learn something new. Good luck and continued success in all you do. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

lease options & assignments step-by-step

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Thanks for another chance to get more information. I'm trying to put the pieces together for a property that is an estate owned, not listed yet. My friend is trying to get her son into this house as it is down the street from her so, I have a buyer that will need to do a lease option, I will look at the property today then I think i will need to do a assignment to give me time to find a cash buyer.
Any feed back on steps that I missed would be great.
TRAINING: If you could do step by step on lease options and assignment contracts that would be fantastic also how do we find credit repair people? I need it, as well as my friends son that wants, to purchase the property that I spoke about above.
Thank you and have a great day.


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I dont know how you do it but you seem to know just what to talk about on your Blogs. I am sitting here after doing a all nighter study on your SFL system and putting together a game plan to have a well run business using this kick but system. Everything you mention seem to be flooding my mine regulerly but listening to you talk about these subject helps me understand and brings Confidence . We all need a mentor to look up to and someone that makes us move. Again. Thanks

Demo us how you use the Real Estate Analysis would be great. How you use it to put together your numbers, also Matt larson One Liner would help in my tool box as well. Thanks Matlock


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Hi Dean, One more thing we can talk about is how to calculate a hardmoney deal with our deals or better yet is there a way to have it avaiable in the Student Resoure Calculation and Tools area.
Understand points and interest and paying on interest only get me confued. This is one area we dont talk about but yet is so important because everone talks about working with or finding hardmoney or private money with no clue to what is in the deal for them and what in the deal for us. Please help on this subject. I thing we all can find hardmoney, but what it takes to attract a hardmoney or private money to the deal is more important then just finding them.


Well, i'm brand new, so one thing I would really like is some in depth training on building a buyers list, particularly investors, since thats what i'm starting with, and maybe some advice on how to quickly get started; but anything you discuss I guess would be beneficial to me since again, I am brand new at this.

Thank you, Tony.


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I'm working on a couple of deals, however I don't fully know how to fill out the paper work. Is there and example of one that all of us hands-on learners can take a look at so we know what to put where?
Thank You,

Quick Cash from Sales.

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Dean and Matt,
Thank you for your infinite share of knowledge and how to information, and thank you all D.G's community members and visitors for sharing knowledge as well.
My question is related to generating start up capital
buying and selling withing the 14 days period scenario, or getting out of the deal.

1.- How can we make sure that we secure a buyer for such property and that he/she will not back up from potential deal, what can make them bind to a firm commitment?.

2.- And since cash buyer list give us people buying real estate in the past, what criteria we use to select and target cash buyers based on:

a) Large percentage are one time buyers for personal use.

b) The other percentage are maxed out or do not invest on Town or area.

c) And the rest of the equation percentage, are the investors with cash on hand, but they are been bombarded with offers from all over the Country, from our own groups and many others as well.

And to D.G's community, please accept my apologies for my lack of proper introduction in the past, but I could not resist the opportunity and get answers from Dean, I hope he share some words of wisdom and the answer benefits many of us in the beginners stage.
Thank you for the opportunity.
Best regards,
Juan Rivera.
Plymouth Michigan.

Assignments and building a buyer's list

I would like to learn more about assignments and how to build a buyer's list. As well as how to put together a good team in a far away city or region.


creating a TRUE buyer's list

How do I create a buyer's list and how do I determine they are true cash buyers and not just someone who's going to try to assign my deals to a real buyer.

hi dean

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as usual, i look forward to your blogs and conference calls.
i'm sure i speak for many on this site who struggle with the internet in general let alone as it pertains to rei.any info you or anyone in the dg family can give to help us who struggle with the internet and internet marketing would be appreciated.perhaps a new thread on the subject?
i have purchased the sfl system,i haven't recieved it yet but i'm hoping this will help.
i especially like the live conferences and for those of us who can't make them,the classroom section.perhaps this is what we need on a deeper level,again perhaps in a new thread.
dean thank you for all that you and your team do for us and thank you for asking what we're concerned about.
keep moving forward,rob

Dean, this Blog was terrific...

You always make great blogs, but, WOW, this week's really hit home. Your comments on "letting others do what you stink at" and "becoming amazing at your strengths" are SO true, and such great advice that very few understand.

I'd love to hear some in-depth and numerical examples on lease options and assignments (various scenarios). Everything from the offer to the cashed check-- and every piece of negotiation in between.

Thanks for the motivation and wisdom Dean-- Those that ever commented on your "spelling/grammar ability" are the ones scrambling to get the money to buy your books!

Grammar never guaranteed Greatness.

I Agree with everyone here

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Hey Dean,

Gerard Here...

I think maybe we should do a series of calls for each and everyone of the suggested topic.

Buyers list

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I would love for you to explain on how to sell yourself to these buyers, because I have been getting the traditional answer that why should I use you if my real estate agents are getting me great deal.. Thanks Dean

Hi Dean! I too agree that

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Hi Dean! I too agree that your weekly blogs are just what I need when I need them. I would like to see 2 things:

1. How to get over the fear of taking action. My husband and I have been with you since Nov 2009 and have yet to take REAL ACTION, other than learning and soaking up as much knowledge as we can. We always talk about "pulling the trigger" and getting over the fear and we often wonder, are we afraid of failure or afraid of success? Change is scary but this is ridiculous!

2. Could you show us a dry run of how YOU do an assignment deal from beginning to end? We just need to SEE it done and some concrete examples of what to do and say.

Thanks again for everything. We are SFL students and look forward to an exciting future!

What I Need:

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Straight and to the point...I need a great way to build my team. Secondly, which houses are bargains and how do we get them for below market value. Third, I don't have a way to sift, sort, and screen so I have to find an alternative which I believe is through the free website? This as it applies to lease options, assignments, and foreclosures. Lastly, do we use our home phone or a cell phone to answer our calls until we get a second line? I mean we are talking about your next calls/blogs being for extreme beginners or novices like myself. Thanks for reading Dean and Family - feedback?

Bill G.

i would like to hear more

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i would like to hear more information on how to get or work with a real estate agent i think thers not alot or discussions on how to work with a real estate agent this would be very helpful information thanks

How to assign Short Sales, Foreclosure or REO.

Such a great motivation and a point that makes perfect sense as to where to focus on, My Strength. That was awesome.

I'd like to know how to assign Short Sales, Foreclosure or REOs which are somewhat different from regular deals. There are lots more opportunities in those areas. I'd love to pick your brain for that. thanks.


If you would walk through the steps of how to do an assignment. I would like to know if you tell them exactly what you are doing in the beginning, exactly how to fill out the contract and how to finish up the conversation. I get conflicting answers b/w the book and the advisors. By the way, if the SFL computer system is 1/2 as good as the Edge dvd's, I will be soooo relieved. I can't seem to get access to my SFL system yet, I am waiting patiently for my password. For those of you that did not purchase the system, I HIGHLY suggest you find someone who has the dvd's and ask if you could rent or borrow them. The information on those is AWESOME!!!!!!! Good luck to all!

lease options

What do I say to my team - the realtor, lender, credit repair, title company, and attorney? I understood Matt when he said the realtor will probably be the one to help me construct the team. Do I tell each team member my vision of lease options? I am not sure what to say to the realtor. I understand that they have their own network of buyers but I don't know what words to use when I introduce myself to each team member. Thanks for asking.

Sharon from Trenton, New Jersey

First Deals

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Please, Can you talk about the first deal. This has to be one of the most challenging hurdles. I really think when most of us who are new at this complete our first deal, it'll lead to success. Thanks-Knick from New Jersey (maybe one day Carol can talk about how to get around NJ's Tax Problem)

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