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I'm here in VA and I am hoping to get some property here soon.

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Hello I'm looking to network with anyone interested in getting things going I'm located in the state of virgina and i see a ton of potentials here.

Hi Eddie

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Looks like we joined around the same time. Did you participate in the 3 day workshop?
Or just buy Dean's book? I'm in DC. Used to live near Colonial Heights Years ago. Peterburg to be exact when I was stationed at Ft. Lee. And yes, you are right. The potential in that area is awesome. I was just looking at Richmond properties today online. Mainly the Southside area. Most important thing. Google local real investment clubs in the area...and go to a meeting. Great way to network and start building a buyers/sellers list, meeting other investors, real estate attorneys, mortgage/title brokers, etc. I have already downloaded my proof of funds letter thru Deans Insiders Cash program and making offers. I now am registered with 25 sites dealing exclusively with real estate investment.(i.e. Trulia, Bid4assts.com,zillow,myhousedeals.com,forsalebyowner.com,forsalebyauction.com, realtor.com, etc.etc. And that's only a few. PM me and I will send you the rest.
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