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mobile homes

I think you're right about an, "mh" niche. I had a good q and a with an agent that specifically deals with mh's. Same ball game but diff. rules, really! As DG would say, gotta think outside the box. (no pun intended)

Am going to an open house showing next weekend. Comments, tips and ideas welcome and I will post any of my findings/ results if anyone is curious

Let's get rolling. (pi Smiling)

interested too !!

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send info in pm !!

3 Mobile homes oddities

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Looking forward to your comments on the mh open house.

I'm a contractor, who has worked on many mh's over the past 15 years.

I do know that 3 specific items that make mobile homes different are;
1) At least in NJ mh's are registered with Dept of Motor Vehicles, (title) just like cars.
2) MH's typically are in a privately owned park that could have the option to toss you out, at their whim. Mostly family owned and temperamental types.
3) Because of the way mh's are constructed, water is a MAJOR concern. Much more so that a regular house. So be very mindful of baths, kitchens and exterior leaks that may cause some really serious damage. Fortunately, most damage on or in a mobile home is simple and quick to repair.

flip my mobile home

Sorry for such a longgg delay since last input about going to an mh open house.Wow time flies, mustn't waste it.
I had put this on the back burner for lack of cash. (Need min. 40% down on new or used mh's). I didn't ask if seller could carry back?! Good Q to ask.
There is a viable niche here in Ca. The reason I looked into mh's is the price. There are no 120,000 3 bdrm houses that can be had for 60K in this area like mid and back east...except mh's.
No one mentioned regis. mh's with DMV here, Dennis. Would need a permit to move one tho. Parks are stright here too. Maint. live on site.
The open house's I saw were under 100,000 and several were 6mos+ "dom" so sellers were/are motivated. Good for possible hold and rent if the "rental space" is reasonable. That's a draw back. High 6 to 700/mo here, not negotiable and goes up every year automatically according to the agent I spoke with.
Newer mh's are really well made and reasonable for the price. I saw a lg. 3br2b mh that was great and well built with top amenities for 180K in a nice area close to everything, guarded with pool and club house, low maint.... Some parks are adults only and others for families.
Mh parks require mh's to be owner occupied. This can be over come by making your renter a 10% owner and
lease to own would be a good strategy.
Most people don't even think about living in an mh here so some mind converting would need to be done.
I talked with a VA rep and it could be a good starter home for returning vets (and others) especially if relocating to Ca.
If you are interested in mh's, talk to
your local mh agent about reqmts, there is usually one R.E. agency with one agent that specializes in mh's for the whole area...find him or her.
Also talk to local police about any incidents and talk to an R.E. attorney about mh legalities. What I found is the big winners are the owners of mh parks with the auto space increases and multiple mh parks.
Be blest what ever you do DGers and Happy, Prosperous New Year.