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I am a single woman, who was raised in Montana, I moved to Arizona 10 years ago with my three children, who are all now adults and have given me 4 grandchildren. I work for a company putting books, magazines in stores. I also set and reset gift cards. I also am the compliance officer for a store here in Sierra Vista. When I lived in Montana I worked as a Construction Worker, I worked for the City, County, State Highway and the Federal Government, pipe laying, surveying, read blue prints, operated heavy equipment. Have a triple business degree for professional, legal and Medical Secretary. In June 2013 I got my certification for a Medical Claims and Billing Specialist. Now I am in college full time trying to get my degree in Medical Administration. I took your Seminar here in Sierra Vista, AZ back in September 2013, I loved everything that they taught us but at the time I did not have the $2,000.00 to go to the three day seminar in Tucson. I really like looking at a house and tell you what is wrong with it. I would like for you to help me any way you can, I paid you $1.00 for joining your insiders club, for the seven day's then it goes to $29.95 a month but I have not heard anything back about that yet. Thanks, I will enjoy getting to meat you soon. Thanks Again,

I like doing yard work, all different kinds of crafts, hard worker.

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I need help

Hello Dean,

I really need your help. I have been renting this house for 5 years and now the realty office just gave me an eviction notice, saying that the owner wants to sell. They did not even ask me if I wanted to buy it or not. I have been telling the realty office that I wanted to talk to the owners about buying it for the last 5 years but they told me that the owner did not want to sell until now. I really need your help I went to your Real Estate Income Event, at the time I did not have the $2,000.00 to take the three day seminar. I don't want to move and cant afford to or get a loan to buy it. I want to know can you please help me. I am a single women and don't have anyone else to ask. In February I am supposed to get money back, I was going to use it to take your seminar class. I need your help before then. Please can you HELP me.


Need Help

I was wondering if anyone can Help? I am in Arizona, my landlord just told me that the house I have been in for 5 years they want to sell it but they did not give me the chance to say yes or no. Is there anyone out there that wants to help or can help me figure this all out, I am lost.


Welcome to the DG family

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Were having a family reunion in your neck of woods sooner than you think

I see that you had a few Q/A

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Your in good hands now deans always upgrading.
Come to the edge event if you can get in tell the staff
Your family they will help with your Q\A.
If not get back in touch asap!!!$$$$$$$$.

trying to find $$$

Well it is me again you stated if I couldn't get to the edge event to get back in touch asap!!! Well since last posting my question about how to get $$ to buy my own house I have had no luck. I did take a seminar in Sierra Vista of Dean's but none of them told me how Dean help with the money part of buying properties. Since February 2014 I had to move to Utah with my daughter because I can not find how to get $$ to buy myself a home. I am 49 yrs old and have never owned my own house and I have found 2 here beside each other that are for sale by owner and I would love to finally own my own house and have my daughter next door. I like this area and don't want to have to move again, there are a lot of homes here for sale and if I could get the $$ to buy them then I would be a lot better off and could rent them out to make income.. I am really needing help with getting these 2 houses and being independent and starting my real estate investing..i hope you can really help me..
Thank You