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Bernard Hall
Currently residing in Douglasville, GA. Born and raised in Washington, DC
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Determined to make this system and new profession work for me. Just returned home from contracting in Afghanistan. Have to exercise the demons and naysayers.. "Are you crazy?? That thing don't work!! An infomercial dude??? You'll be back trying to contract in 2 months!" I must succeed and I will. As long as I believe in this blueprint and have such a great support team on DG. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION...

Real Estate, Horseracing (Minority Owner), Bowling, watching various crime and investigation shows.

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Beginner Real Estate Investor
No Children
Completed College

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Unknown Waters....

Hi everybody!

I am getting ready to step out there and begin assignments. I am leaving a well paying contract job in Afghanistan to do it, so you know I am terrified but confident. I have a few questions if you pro's don't mind answering them for me..

1. When making an offer on a home, the rehab costs are included in the calculations right? But how do you believe what the seller says before having one done? Do you the investor pay for those inspections before making and offer? I know those numbers are important when presenting the contract to the end buyer.

2. Is the best way to draft a contract through a real estate attorney? Cost involved?

3. should their be a clause for payment up front when doing an assignment contract for the end buyer?

I know I have more but my brain is fried and turning a million miles an hour of what's to come..

Thanks guys,


Welcome to the DG family

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Add us to your buyers and sellers list asap.
God bless you always.

Welcome to the DG family

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Add us to your buyers and sellers list asap.
God bless you always.
Keep learning the DG ways
Business is BOOMING!!!!!!@deangraziosi.

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Hey Bernard,
Sounds like you've been places.
As for your questions, look for forums concerning your questions. Many questions that we all think of have been answered by others that may have joined this platform before us. Look over the links on the left hand side of the page as well as the forum section on the right hand side of the page. There is also a contract section on the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
How you handle your offers will be decided by your individual situation. If you choose not to inspect the property before making offers, then you would definitely want to have an inspection clause in the amendment stating that the closing is subject to inspection approval or partner's approval. If you decided to keep a property for yourself, then you should invest in a thorough whole house inspection; however if you plan on passing the deal to another buyer, they could cover the costs of an inspection (you would want to have at least a general knowledge of the property's condition in order to market property to the other buyer). These are just hypothetical examples to get your creative wheels turning.
Freedom Seeker,

25:1 Question

Hi DG Fam,

My question is when your doing the strategy, getting listings from your agent and putting out offers after you ran your numbers, do you send out 25 offers at a time? Or is it just the fact of within 25 offers you send out, 1 should be accepted? I know it would be a headache for an agent to send that many out at once, so is it gradually sending them?
I hope that wasn't confusing....

Preparing to go all in,
Bernard, Douglasville, GA