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I am working mom, I have 2 boys one is 8 and the other will be 5 in a week and half. I work in the corporate world and would love to get into real estate. I am tired of dropping my kids off at daycare early in the morning and picking them up late. I would like them to have a summer. I really believe in what I have read and I believe it can work. I love working and working hard but I also want to be around for my kids. I know I could do both with the help of Dean's program. My problem is now that I have some knowledge about real estate I have the huddle of bad debt and my credit is horrible. I believe it is hardest to get started I just have to keep focused.
My goal is to be able to be financially stable and making my income through investing in rentals and later flipping houses. I have promised my kids that next year they will not have to go to daycare during the summer. I have not broken a promise to them yet.

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I Love your spirit..I know with out a doubt you will not break that promise!!! You go girl... Smiling


Thank you

Thank you but I am very nervous. Trying to get started and not sure which way to turn.