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I am a family man/realtor/farmer in south western Ontario. I am seriously looking into investing in US rental property. But I am also considering purchasing closer to home as prices here are considerably lower than the Toronto area for instance, although not as low as Florida or Arizona. I also know that "I don't know yet what it is I don't know" about investing US property. So here I am - learning.

I enjoy learning and right now have a special interest in educating myself about international investing.

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Welcome Canadian and Rural "brother"

Hi Rick,

Just saw that you joined the Toronto group. I renamed it "Canadian Corner", so it wasn't as limiting. We actually live near Caledon.

Like you I am trying to educate myself on buying in the U.S. My understanding is that if your are actually investing, not buying a vacation spot for yourself, that its best to set up a U.S. company for tax and liability reasons. I am currently looking into that.

As for home, I put an ad in my local paper, like a bandit sign, and we just purchased our first property through that. Are you familiar with the 25:1 principle and criteria? We just started with that as well, and put an an offer yesterday.