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We have been "tinkering" in Real Estate for about 12-13 years now. Watched one of the early infomercials by one of the originals. Found that most of the info would not apply in Canada, but it did get us thinking it was possible. We bought our first rental property with the down payment on a credit card. We knew that the rental income would cover the mortgage and the card payments. That property is $400 cash-flow positive. We have bought and sold a couple of properties, reno'd them and have done pretty well. We now live in a desired country area on 28 acres, house with a pool, but I have never earned an income of more than $20,000. It is real estate that has brought us this far...but now I want to go to the next level. Lump sums on flips are great, but I'd like to get a steady rental income, and maybe help some people get back into a home along the way.
We may be looking to partner with someone in Florida.

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Self employed painter
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Canadian DG students

I'm looking for other Canadian DG students to see how you have been able to make Dean's principles work here at home, or in the States.

Cdn DG student.

Good day I just signed up for Dean's Rock Bottom Blue Print System. Am alos interested in acquiring a few rentals.



Hi Michele,
My wife and I are totally new in real estate but would enjoy talking to you. Have you attended Dean's Success Academy,we haven't but I'm trying to find someone who has to see how extensive the training is and how soon you can expect to make money after the classes. By the way we live in Central Florida.
Bill & Julie R


That's great! I've actually been learning more from Canadian investors and some Canadian "Gurus". Yes, because of laws and other factors, Canada is very much different than the States. I would love to learn more from you and maybe someday work alongside you, but however I do not live in Florida and it seems as though you want someone in Florida.

Vancouver, however, is the most expensive city to live in in North America. If you have any thoughts of investing here or if there is anything I can help you with, let me know and we can make some money together!

William Deng

Dearfiled Beach Properties

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Thanks for signing my guestbook. I'll keep my eye on that area for you. I tried sending a PM but you are not listed. Contact me at rfcooperinvestments (at) comcast (dot) net.

Just started

Hi Michele, my name is Myra I have just started, but I,m getting very frustrated, I,m more less a hands on person. So going by a phone call for me is hard, I,m going to trying doing in Peterborough & Panama City Beach Florida, so when I saw you where looking for someone to partner with I thought I,d let you know. I don,t have a partner my husband has passed awhile & a chap I thought would be interested & a great asset is not interested. Hope to hear from you. Myra


Sorry Myra, I have not been on the DG site for a couple of months, so, I just now saw your message. Because we are in Canada, we really need someone who knows what they are doing, to find us what we are looking for, We have been hesitant to buy something in Florida, because the laws are different for us, and taxation is different as well. You may want to ask for a mentor, here on the site, that can take you under their wing and get you headed in the right direction. Have you done any of Dean's live events? If you are able to financially, it is a great way to meet people, and really be inspired. Good luck!

Better Late...

Bill and Julie,

Apparently, I did not access this part of the DG website before, because I just now saw your Message. Sorry! No, I haven't been to Success Acadamy. Have you spoken to anyone yet, who has? I met Tina Hague at the 2012 EDGE, who is doing really well, and I'm sure she would love to tell you about S.A. She is a sweetheart, and really likes to pay it forward. I'm sure you can find her through the DG site.

As for me,we are hoping to find beachfront foreclosure condos, in Dearfield beach/Boca Raton or Indian Rocks area.

Still, being Canadians, we need to do some research regarding setting up our business and tax issues.

Keep moving forward!


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Just connected with another Canadian investor earlier.
Wishing you much success.


Canadian Investor

How are things going with your Canadian Investor? Did you connect through DG? I wonder if they would mind contacting me for some advice on setting up a US business. If you could forward this request to them I would appreciate it.

Best of luck in your real estate adventures!

property investments in North Fl area

Hi Michele,

Just wondered if you would be interested in ocean front properties in the Mexico Bch and Panama City Bch area in Florida.


Florida vacation homes

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Hi, my name is Gerry. My partner and I wholesale in Central Florida. Today we went to one of our favorite beaches near Orlando, New Smyrna Beach. On our way into New Smyrna Beach, we noticed properties for sale and even stopped in one, open house, and had a look around. It was gorgeous and only a bike ride away to the beach. We will be looking at making offers on these "near the beach" properties. So, can contact me to let us know if you are interested in buying in the family friendly town of New Smyrna Beach. Trust me, this is a beautiful town!!

Mexico beach

hey Charlotte. I haven't been on DG site for a while. Sorry. I'll have to look up where Mexico and Panama City beaches are. We need something within an hour of International airports. Thanks Charlotte.


Michele Stevens

I'm sorry for not reading my messages on this site. I have been busy trying to get my business off the ground. I would be willing to entertain a partnership. I would like to have some rental properties as well for some monthly income. So please don't hesitate to call on me if you need some one to talk to about a partnership. Again, please accept my appologies for not answering you sooner.

R. E. Investiments

Interested to FLIP, and rental income, I live in NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO, I would like to meet with a small group Investors, interested NIAGARA PENINSULA,and to buy properties in FLORIDA at super discounted price and sell to investors. tmiano_1@msn.com


Hello .
We would love to partner up with Toronto Canadians.

I am starting out in Alberta, Canada

Does this real estate investor thing that Dean talks about, is for real and how do i get started in Alberta, Canada, in pre foreclosures and in foreclosures. Where do i find buyers or a list of all buyers in real estate? I just need some advise and help to get started and on the right track to success.

Getting started on the right note...

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As you will soon see, coming to the DG site is a very valuable community.

check out this internal site... also part of DG getting started.


Hi Michele My is Gary

Hi Michele

My is Gary O'Brien and I love to join your group.
I live in Hamilton On Can I am a proferssional
real investor looking to buy properties in Buffalo
I own two properties in Buffalo.


Hi Michele;
I started Dean's course May 29 this year and am still learning the ropes. I have made substantial money on purchasing homes, holding, and rehabs for quite a few yrs. in AB and BC. I'm very excited about Tampa, FL., the listing with Zillow look like great opps.. I've established a business in Utah and really want to get that first deal under my belt.
I'm open to a partnership arrangement and any help, advice etc. would be greatly appreciated.
I now live in Abbotsford, BC and haven't really looked for any Clubs here thinking they are Canadian but I'll look now that I know there are Cdn.'s operating in the US.
I look forward to hearing from you


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I am a fellow Canadian. My partner and I are wholesaling now with a view of buying and holding in the next 6 months.
I did join your group but there doesn't seem to be much activity in it.

We are fairly new investors unlike yourself but are progressing rapidly. we attended the Buying Summit in Las Vegas in September and I highly recommend you attend one. they provided lots of information with regards to taxation even for us Canadians as well business structuring and asset protection.

You can pm me if you would like more details.

warmest regards,
Lisa Richardson

Investing in Florida

Hi Michele. I would sure like to get help from someone that no,s what they are doing. I live in Bailieboro, just south of Peterborough. I go to Panama City Beach in Florida for the winter. If we could hook up that would be great. If you would like to call me my # is 705-939-6991. Take care Myra Dears