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Jake Goehring
Orange County, CA
About Me: 

After being real estate curious and having multiple conversations about it with close people for over a decade, I FINALLY decided to take steps to make RE investing a reality. I bought 2 DG books, read them in about 3 weeks, and WOW! were my eyes opened! Opportunity definitely exists...do you see it or not? That's the question.

I'm 41, married, 3 beautiful girls, self employed, and stretching every dollar to last the month. I have been very blessed in my life: the LORD always provides for He knows what is needed before I know. And I believe He is providing me with this opportunity here in RE. The LORD provides it through the instrument of Dean Graziosi. Hey, who am I to questions the methods the Lord uses, right? The point is that the Lord's opened my eyes to something here and I'm going to listen and go after it!

So, here I am on board with the DG family. I'm really excited to get started! I can't wait to put what I've already learned into action while I continue to learn and develop.

Blessings all!


Basic Info

Food Ingredient Sales
Have Child(ren)
Completed College

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Mainly Just This One


Update on how its coming along

Hey there Jake my name is Augie and I am a DG newby. Hope all is well with the wife and kids, many blessing to you and your family.
I am looking for a couple of good contacts in OC mainly the North, I am currently in Corona just bordering Anaheim Hills.
I am currently working on a deal in LA and looking at a second deal in Chino Hills.
Wanted to touch base and let you know there is someone in Corona and Fullerton to brain storm.