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I have been in and out of real estate investing for about ten years. I have been trying to do wholesaling. In all that time I have done only two wholesale deals. I guess I've been taking a lot of time off and also finding it hard to do so I got discouraged and stopped for a while but I never give up. As of today 9/25/14 I am putting my all into it. I am an insider elite member and just did Matt's 4 weeks to freedom training. Right now I am looking for interns to help with some of the time consuming work because I have two jobs but I am going to get this done with the support of my DG family. Happy Investing! P.S. I am in Rhode Island and would love to network with fellow Rhode Islanders. Please contact me. Thank you.

Music, beaches, boating though I don't have one yet. Going to concerts, and working out.

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Hi John

I wish you all the best in your real estate business.

DONT give up. Keep on taking more actions and sticking to