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Jason Tanner
Mount Vernon Indiana
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I am an up and coming real estate investor, maybe starting from nothing, but definitely on my way up. At the moment I am living in Indiana, but I plan to start my career by wholesaling across the U.S. At the moment I'm working on a buyer's list so I can begin getting houses. I have found some very great deals so far, hopefully the trend continues after I know more.

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delivery driver, mold line operator
No Children
Completed High School

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Mainly Just This One


The bottom

If any body doesn't know what a bottom is I can sure tell them! Like getting shirt collared instead of paid,or maybe computer crash after losing service. This is what happens every time I try to climb out of a hole. It's alway further up and takes longer than I think. Level ground always come for a little time.
Every time I begin to follow some one who is on the right path and where I want to be its like this. In West Virginia we say keep your sites on the target. Thanks Dean and Mat!