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Kim Bearden

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Welcome and Bio

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Welcome Kim, I see you are new. If you fill out your bio it helps others to network with you. Tammy

I will fill out my Bio tonight!

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Thanks for the heads up Tammy! I will fill out my Bio tonight! God Bless!

Overages Finder Business

Hello my name is Rebecca and I to would like to get started in the tax sale overage business. I am ready to make a change from my everday 9 to 5 job and become my own boss. I am have the idea, but is liking direction. What I have found on the web so far regarding this business is a bunch of crap, came arcoss this site and thought what the heck maybe God will answer my prayers and find someone that could give me some direction on what I need to do to get started.
So here I am asking for help and direction. Thanks

Welcome to the Baltimore REI Group

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Hi Kim,

Nice to have you in the group. I agree with Tammy that completing your bio may bring about another investor's interest to network with you.

The group was formed to give Baltimore investor's an opportunity to communicate on DG member site. You can share information, network and ask questions.