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Atlanta, GA
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Greetings DG Family,

My name is Linda and I've live in Atlanta since 2000 so I guess it's home. I grew up in the South but finished High School in the MidWest. My background is in telecommunications, banking and finance, and most recently non-profit. My last position, I was a Database Manager for a home health non-profit agency.

I've been interested in REI since 2006 and have experience as a Real Estate Agent when things were really booming. I'm looking forward to new and exciting adventures in REI and to learning all I step at a time. Like most of us, I'm starting my venture in Wholesaling and welcome all helpful information. I love reading about everyone's progress here on the site.

I wish us all peace, blessings, and prosperity. If you're in the area, please feel free to contact me.

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Welcome and Way to go!

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Hey Linda,

Hit every link read it all and soak it in, on this site you can ask any an all
questions. You will find the people here
ready to help and very friendly!

Wishing you great deals for years to come,
Denver (dwman)