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Hi Lorrie, Let's Go!

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Your message that you were just getting started, are in upstate New York and wanting investors so you can bird dog - came to my email.

I am Manager for cash investors that buy and flip in all 50 states. I work with bird dogs and am soon to start flipping.

There is a requirement that the cash buyers have and that is that everyone invest a one time $1,000. I might be able to get that down to $500.

You get your investment back when the buyers close on the first property along with $4000 pay out. Another $4,000 for each additional property.

Only part of your email address came through in the message and that looked like dbogart@****

Your credit and experience wouldn't matter.

So basically, I lead us through the process of finding one or more properties that the cash buyers purchase. This really helps if you have a day job because I get a lot done from my home office.

Let me know and we'll get going!

Thank you in advance,