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Luxury Loft Deal in Las Vegas

I am fresh into the real estate investor market in Las Vegas. I am currently working on a deal for a Luxury Loft at 35% below fair amrket value. The owner is a builder and looking for a cash buyer and asking for 270k on the single family home fully remodeled @ 3,100 sq. ft. 3 bedroom/2 bath. The property comp sold in the area is estimated at 390k. The motivated owner is open to new cash offers. Let me know if anyone is interested on the deal. God bless

hey lucky

I am in vegas also, working on a buyers list.Sounds like you are off and running,good job and good luck

How is it going?

Hi Rick,

How are u? Hope you are digesting new and valuable info regarding Real Estate Investing. If you have time we can chat and share ideas on RealEstate Flipping. My # is (702) 328-8763. God Bless

real estate investing

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Hi Lucky I am just starting out and would love to have some help from someone that knows all about the business.I would appreciate any help that I can get.
Thank You,
Beverly Nowak

Hello Lucky, I am writing to

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Hello Lucky,

I am writing to inform you that I have started an online networking group for those of us Las Vegas Area Real Estate Investors. We are not an REI Club, and don't hold meetings, but we have set aside this group to ask questions - and have your questions answered. Please feel free to join us and expand your Las Vegas Area Network/PowerTeam.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Jonathan & Roxanna
Flippen Investor, LLC

Re: Las Vegas Area Network/Power Team

Hello Jonathan and Roxana:
It is a pleasure to know that you are part of DG's Real Estate Investing family. My name is Hector Salazar; we met one time last summer... I just made a decision last week to become a Real Estate Investor. I am reading Profit From Real Estate Right Now; I'm about have way through the book and I'm very exciting to get started. My question to you folks is, can I join the Network/Power Team? I am willing to help any investor by doing anything within the legal and ethical boundaries in order for me to learn as fast as I can. I have a great deal of understanding of the Real Estate language since I was a Mortgage Agent for a few years. I just need a little guidance; I know Dean's Real Estate Success Academy would be the ideal source except that at this moment I am not in a financial position to join it, eventually I will. Anyway I will appreciate you let me know if I can participate with your group. Thanks for taking the time to read my message and I look forward to hearing back from you soon!
To your Success;

REI Club

Hi I'm new in investing and joining as many REI clubs as i can. I look forward to any meetings this group has and meet as many members as i can.

I'm look to build up my POWER TEAM.

If there is any information you want from me please feel free to email me. or

April 4-6th Seminar (Tution Satisfied)

I need a "partner" to attend this RE seminar. Attend ALL 3 days and $500K Line-of-credit will be available to purchase RE meeting the guidelines explained at seminar. ** NO SALES PITCH(ES) WILL BE MADE AT SEMINAR. **

Call 360-357-9001 (PST) if interested.

By ALL MEANS, bring plenty of business cards!