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Jonathan C. Olson
Henderson, NV.
About Me: 

I am an ambitious 37 yr. old "full-time" Real Estate Investor, looking to make some Serious $$$ from the Real Estate Market in this "rotten" economy that essentially has become our "Golden Ticket" to Financial Freedom.

I have started a company "Flippen Investor, LLC." with hopes to jump into the real estate investment industry here in the Las Vegas area. I am about four months into this business 'full-time' and am looking at starting with Assignment/Wholesale deals, since I do not currently have a JOB and am living off of unemployment. Together, my mother and I have teamed up with other investors in our area, and are in the process of submitting offers for some of the killer deals that we are coming across in this opportune environment. Once we get a few Flips in the books, we will be looking at expanding our investments into buy&holds with lease-options, so that we can take advantage of the future appreciation values and start making some serious cash.

Over the past four months, my mother has bought into another Real Estate Guru's course (for 4,000.00) and I am studing that material with her at the same time that I am working with Dean's teachings. We went to one on Dean's Live 3-Day Seminars back in May, and got a ton of information, but did not have the ability to pursue any of his "Advanced Training" courses. We have been slowly assembling our PowerTeam through networking with other investors that we have been meeting either at these seminars, off of this website, or from the REI Club that we have been attending over the last three months.

We completely understand that this is The Best Time In History to make a fortune in Real Estate, and we are desperately trying to get into the game. We want to ride this wave to the top like every other investor out there is planning on doing.

Thankx to Dean Graziosi's teachings, and the wonderful DG Family input from this website, I am confident that the right doors will open, and we will be able to never have to worry about working for anyone else - ever again! Much success to all my fellow DG Family members out there. May we someday soon meet At The Top!!! Happy and Healthy Investing
----- Jonathan & Roxanna {Flippen Investor, LLC}

Music, on-line Poker, taking in as many of GOD's wonders as I can via Travelling

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Full-Time Real Estate Investor & Theatre Technician
No Children
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Day 1 Question

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Hey All,
I just joined Dean's Website because there is a "Profit from Real Estate Right Now" seminar in my area in a few days.

My main question is:

If any of you currently in Dean's Academy could start your 'first day' of the program over again... What would you tell others, like me, to do to get a foot up on the mass of others that are in my same position?

1 week in... and gaining momentum

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Hello to my new DG family,

I just wanted to give you all a
quick reference to me and my

I am a future RE investor currently in the Las Vegas area. Since viewing Dean's infomorcial just last week, I have:
*Gotten onboard this website (100+ hrs)
*Signed up and Attended one of Dean's "Profit from Real Estate Right Now" seminars
*Read "Profit from Real Estate Right Now"
*Gone thru its Home Study Course
*Set up my website that Dean offered
*Set up 3 skeleton Domain Sites
*Bought into an upcoming LIVE 3-Day Training seminar happening in @ 2 weeks,
*and posted several times on this site

My next steps include:
*Connecting with as many of you as I can from the Las Vegas area to build a GOTO Network
*Finding out about and hopefully joining a REI Club in my area
*Getting a SOLID foundation set-up with a TEAM of similar 'goal achieving' members,
*and continuing to educate myself as much as I can about this NEW career path (before this LIVE seminar) so that I will be prepared to benefit and exceed my goal expectations.

I look forward to connecting with ANY of you who wish to join my Guestbook to offer any helpful hints or creative comments. BEST OF SUCCESS !!! Jon


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Welcome to the DG community. The DG website is a tremednous resource for finding like minded people that are willing to share thoughts and information about real estate. A great way to share what you learn along the way is to start a daily journal. A daily journal can also keep track of your progress along the way. Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

"or are looking at moving to Vegas"

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Hey Jon,

Long-range plan, YES and we will look you up. Keep in touch if you're interested in Networking. What kind of deals have you done so far; what are you working on currently and what are your plans for down the road? Looking forward to your reply.

Wishing you $UCCE$$!


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I am ALWAYS looking at networking with fellow real estate investors. I feel the more like-minded people that I can get on my Powerteam, the easier this "people" business will become.

Sadly, I have to admit that I haven't landed my first deal as of yet...but, have no fear I am coming out swinging! That first deal is so close I can almost taste it.

I am currently working on an exciting OPM project. I happened to come across a cash buyer from outside of the USA. It turns out that she came into an inheritance from her late father, and is interested in investing in real estate here. It sounded a little shady to me at first, but I'm waiting to see if she is legitamate, and I will proceed to work the deal backwards. I do not intend to sell her anything, I plan on "shopping" for her. And, if this deal does happen, then I can proceed to use the 10% finders fee - that she's already agreed to giving me - as seed money to start investing in properties for myself.

Thankx for the comment in my guestbook, hopefully we can connect in the near future and help one another out.

Happy & Healthy Investing

Jonathan & Roxanna
Flippen Investor, LLC


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Thank you for the warning about Vivian. I don't know how she got our information. It sounded wierd to me as well,but, I guess luckily, I have not closed my first deal yet and was cursed with a consience and thought that she deserved someone with much more experiance than me. I see that you too have have been cursed and I can't thank you enough for the heads up. I wish you the very best in your investing career. It sounds like you are definately on the right track. You're absolutely on the right site. These people are amazing, and like yourself, they're looking out and helping each other. Again, best of luck....Johnnym66. Hopefully we'll meet some day and i'll be able to shake your hand in person.

New and in LV

Hey John I am new to this as well and live in LV. I am looking to see if there is an REI group but I don't know either. At the begining you said you started this group? If so, lets start meeting for coffee or something. It seems that Justin, you, and myself are the only ones on here from LV that are looking for a group so lets start this one off... I signed Justins guestbook as well and if you want to keep in contact and I can help you and vice versa. Let me know, K?

3bed 2 bath Las Vegas home for sale $92,000

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MLS# 1075523
List Price $92,000 Just rehabbed. Turnkey.
6973 Adelaide Ave Las Vegas Nevada 89156
3 bed 2 bath
Sq Ft 1253
Lot size 6534 Built 1986
Less than 30 minutes from the strip.
View of mountains and valley. Must see pictures.
Rents around $1100 per month. Great ROI and cashflow.
Possible Owner financing with 20% down

Real estate investors

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Hello Jonathon, I have just enrolled in deans success academy two weeks ago, and Im trying to build my power team, I have never done real estate before and I'm alittle lost.. can you offer any help! I live in henderson also...
sincerly... Bruce Powell

Hello K... I also live in

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Hello K... I also live in Las Vegas and Im looking for other investors.. Maybe we can help each other out! If your interested please let me know... Thanks K...
Sincerly... Bruce Powell

April 4-6th Seminar (Tution Satisfied)

I need a "partner" to attend this RE seminar. Attend all 3 days and $500K Line-of-credit will be available to purchase RE meeting the guidelines explained at seminar. ** NO SALES PITCH(ES) WILL BE MADE AT SEMINAR ** Call 360-357-9001 (PST) if interested.

By ALL MEANS, bring plenty of BUSINESS CARDS!