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Johann McLee Florexile
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Like any usual person I have my specialties and sales is one of them.
Yes, I'm a salesman, but unlike the majority, I don't just close a deal to make a profit, it's more intimate to me, I make sure that every deal I close is a special opportunity for both the buyer and the seller. My name is the garantee of good product and will always reflect honesty, that is my goal in this career.
I'm for else a control freak, I do not let details pass by without a double check and I like to work anytime anywhere.
I look foward to do my best in every challenge and task that I meet, and if I want something very much, the only obstacle to stop me, will be me!
I like delegating and working for others as much as their cool, progressiv and accept diferent cultures and open minded visions.

Music - for I'm also a Lyricist! Moovies, my latest favorit is Tron Legacy. anything new or fun. I love Disney World.

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Ebay seller, Lyricist, work on my own for now, atempting college.
No Children
Completed High School
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