Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #111 - Everything But the Kitchen Sink in This Blog

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

Okay, Dean's done some pretty terrific blogs in the last two years, but this is probably the most diverse to date.

He's got a great exercise to keep you feeling great, no matter what. An advance notice of a really special, never attempted offer.

And a series of video clips I just like to call the "Magnificent Seven" (because it's seven people who all have something you will find magnificent!

Hey, why are you still reading? Go watch the video.

Hi another great blog this

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Hi another great blog this week, with some good ideals
to let people look at their self,and see that they can do a lot of things that they might not think they matter but they realy do. Thanks for the insperation and see you next week.

cant wait to attend !!

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thanks dean for another great blog.Iremember the exercise you gave us some mnths ago about what is great about ourselves and it is very uplifting and gives us confidence.It also is a great way to get us back in the saddle when we may be just a bit down.Your blogs come at just the right time and seems like you are talking to each of us directly.Icant wait to attend this event to learn more about real estate.My wife ,son and his girlfriend will be attending also and are EXCITED !! networking and seeing all the other students will no doubt jump start my boys investing career !! thanks again dean for all you provide us !!

Hi Dean! Great Blog!

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Thanks Dean for reminding everyone that we are all "cool" in some way. I have my list of cool things about me and I realized that I have the qualities to be successful and all I have to do is apply them. I'm always trying to move forward even when it's only by inches and not leaps and bounds. I now have a Realtor and a few MLS lists to start going over, so it's time to get to work.
Best wishes to everyone.



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Great blog I will say over and over you NEVER fail to IMPRESS!!! We all see what a wonderful, hardworking, dedicated person you are to yourself, your family, your staff, and your DG Family. There is not one day that goes by and I think to myself that I KNOW and WILL do this because of the amazing inspiration, motivation and determination that I have to succeed with real estate because of what you do everyday to provide those stepping stones to success I appreciate what you do everyday and I know that everyone here does also. Regardless of how old I am what kind of credit I have or I know in my case I DON'T have I know and see what you have done to help other people with your hard work and dedication and I know that you have brought that light to my eyes to see what's possible and I know that you have changed the way I look at my future....NO DOUBT!!!! I want to say THANK YOU and will continue to give you that thank you for years to come (and just expect it for every blog btw! lol!) But anyways I know you have made me do a complete 360 from where I was 2,3, months ago up until now, and I'm glad that I did what I did to make that change.....and it's because of you! And if I heard right E.D.G.E. was going to be in May and if that's true I won't be able to make it because uncle sam (Army) called and said I'm his for that month! But I hope to make it next year. Thanks Dean for all you have done for ALL OF US! You are truly an extraordinary and inspiration for all!!



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I am very much looking forward to coming to the Edge 2011! That is one of my main goals for getting some deals done.

Thanks for all you do for us and for the difference you have made in our lives whether we have gotten our first deals yet or not.



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Thank you so much! My family and I and everyone here at DG are so blessed to have you in our lives. You trily care about people and that is so evident in all of your blogs, your creation of this site, your books, and most of all your integrity. I look forward to the day we can meet and my wife and I can thank you in person. I can truly say that this WILL happen for us, it is not just another program that takes your money and leaves you behind. I can actually see where we are headed and that Vision is now because of you. Thanks for helping us dream again and have goals for our future.

Matt & Cherise (and our 16 mo old daughter Kaileen)!

Edge 2011

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You continue to surprise me with the short inspirational messages that you share with us each week. I have readjusted my "typical" schedule to make sure that I watch your blog soon after they are posted on your site. I have found that they help me to stay focused on what really matters in life and help to point the way to being successful.
I was really hoping that I could make it to the Edge 2011, but I have a really busy year planned and I can't figure out how to fit it in. Maybe next year. Keep up the good work and I'm glad that you are taking time to be with your family.



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Thanks for dong another weekly video blog for us. I appreciate the tips you always share each week. We are looking forward to the Gain the EDGE 2011 event. The past 2 years have been life changing events. I look forward to another awesome event in 2011 and having the ability to network with so many of the DGers. Good luck and continued success in all you do. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


Chasing The Dream's picture

I will always remember the EDGE 2009 event as the event that changed our lives. It is hard to believe that it has almost been 2 years. Where does time go? But just as a fine wine we all get better with time. We are looking forward to attending your Gain the EDGE 2011 event. Thank you for continuing to host this mastermind event to help your students with the latest tips, techniques and strategies to succeed with real estate investing. Carpe Diem! :0) - Stacey


I love the weekly blog's especially this one that explains what you have the ability to do. This also explains what we can do.

Great information

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It shows that it is possible to be on the top even with no money, no credit. You just have to be creative and open your mind to different possibilities. As a sign in my office says, "Whiners need not apply!"


I love being able to listen to the weekly BLOG each week. What a great way to start out the week. Your videos are very inspiring and motivating and keep me in the game. Thanks for taking the time to do these every week and please never stop!


Dean Dean Dean... ;-)

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I can write a long comment but its just simple u really care about people, thus u deliver great content through hard work that we appreciate I know I do and like you say for lack of better words excuse my language ur fn awesome man, god bless you Eye-wink.... take a moment and write number 11 why ur cool because u make peoples dreams come true... Eye-wink

Great Information

It's just a shame that I got involved with your program just alittle to late. Currently I am serving our country and will have to miss out on alot of stuff because of upcoming deployment. I just really wish that I could attend the edge meeting, but unfortunantly I will not be able to!


Dean, you wanted to know if you went too far, the answer is a resounding NO! I personally have never found fault with any of your blogs.

You put on your list of the 10 coolest things about you that you really care about your students and clients, that is never more evident than in your weekly blogs. You also wrote that you have a caring heart and that is evident in everything you do for us, from the books, the blogs, the academy, and especially the edge events ( I have never attended, but I do have the dvd sets), and this website.

You put everything we need to be successful at our fingertips. The only thing you can't do for people like me is give us the courage to finally jump off the cliff. I know deep down that I can do this, and I will do this, as soon as I figure out how to evict the butterflies from the pit of my stomach.

Dean God Bless you and your amazing staff, please don't give up on us. Myra

Blog #111

Dean, I Love the inspiration that you give to us, letting us know that it is possible to accomplish a better lifestyle. As a new member of the Success Academy, I am trying to learn as much as possible to get rolling, Although I am flat broke, borrowed the money for the program, You keep me inspired !! Any tips from you or others on how to get this rolling with zero dollars ( and i mean Zero ) would be great ! I would love to attend if i can afford it. Thanks Again, John Battaglia

Great Blog Dean your the man!!!!

You got my heart pumping with this one Dean! I can do this!


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Dean, keeping it real is what I love about your blogs, team members, and everyone else within DG network! Your blog (along with all the other tools provided) light the fire of hope for so many of us starting out here....And for others you give the fuel needed to keep the fire burning!

Thank you and yours
Mrs. Clark

Great Awakening!

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Going through my emails and noticed you need help on something. A comment on your blog. Dean going nuts and need a comment? I told myself, I want to see Dean on this video and honestly, it's my first time to open any of your blogs. After watching this video blog, I will be on your site first time I woke up in the morning. I am missing a lot and that's not for my benefit.

Your message was very inspiring. I will do the exercise and see what makes me cool. The people that expressed their "aha" moments were very inspiring. Appreciate the message and looking forward to see more.

I just got my real estate license here in Maui, Hawaii two months ago and I am looking forward to help families fulfil their Dreams.

absolutely wonderful

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I love the blog it's very inspirational and gives me the feed back that I need to start a new week. Although the uncertainty of loosing my job last week I know that I will make it. because I now have all the tools to do so, and when I want to get away from the negativity of my environment I retreat to the comfort of my own home and indulge myself in the endless usefull information that you provide.

Thank you


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Thanks for another great blog. I always look foward o these to start the week out right. Hope all is going well my friend.



These reminders are priceless to me, and I suspect all of us who continue to work at this. Reminders that these techniques are real, and powerful, that other are succeeding, and that the hope that we can as well is not just a tiny light in the distance, but a bright, tangible reality just waiting for us to grab it. They help us hold the darkness at bay, and help us to keep pushing.

Thank you.


The Kitchen Sink Was There, Every Thing That

Needed To Be There Was There. GREAT.



Hi Dean,

Thank you for sharing, it helps me so much and keeps me going.


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It's amazing to see how everybody just shines of satisfaction with this glaze in their eyes that shows how they are ready to do more and more like the well in not getting any dryer and that it is so full that more and more people could come and ease their thurst. It's amazing!
Now you have to understand that I am from Haiti, where nothing good lasts, and I just came living in Florida as a permanent resident and I have no fear of hooking my self up in this team as my first and new carrier for the rest of my life.
I might not be able to come, and I'm not realy talkative, but when it comes to taking action, my results are never desapointing.
See you guys next year!

Everything but the kitchen sink blog

Please don't think for a minute you went 'over the top'. The things you have to say are inspiring to me, as I'm sure they are for many others. I look forward every week to reading them.

I don't move quickly, as I have many things on my plate at the moment, with priorities that I made, but what you have to say motivates me with small steps that I'm taking and moving forward in a different direction.

Thank you, please continue your very valued and creative work.

Great Blog Dean

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That was a great blog Dean, probably one of the best for me so far. I'm looking forward to attending though I'm not sure if we will be able to. It's definately one of my main goals right now. Thanks again you are the best.

Looking Forward to Another Gain The Edge Event

Captain777's picture

Thank you for the continued encouragement. I truly believe the excitement and tips shared at these events are precious. The 10 things about me suggestion is great. I am going to sit down and do that exercise this morning. Thank you for being you.


Latest Video

I do believe in your program and strategies. Even though I haven't done a deal yet, I know it will happen. Thanks for what you are doing.

I saw the blog and heard the

I saw the blog and heard the comments at the end. The people seemed excited and hopeful. However, I heard from no one who had actually bought a single house. I hope your approach to teaching what people can expect from the banks, private lenders, renovations, and moving properties in this market is done in a way that dosen't create more of the same problems that led us to the never before seen levels of forclosures we have today.
I've been involed in realestate for over 25 years. I've financed thousands of properties for investor's, I own 24 properties ( love being a landlord) I've bought and sold many houses and cars too. This is hard work and not for everyone. I retired from the mortgage industry and only do real estate now. I think this is the best buyers market in history, but banks are tight and buyers are tough to get qualified and prices are still too high.I appreciate what you are doing, you do seem to care but please don't forget the reality of the situation. This is a tough business and that fact should not be taken lightly. Remember if if were't for some one elses mistakes this opportunity would not exist.

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