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looking to sell a new note

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Note Finder Name: _________________________________________ Page No.:_________________
Note Analysis Worksheet
Note Seller Name: _Rhonda Evans ______________________________________ Date: _________5/23/2010______________
Address: __1090 Kingswood Way Port Orange Fl 32129 ___________________________ Phone #:_______386-405-0215______________

Property Information
Property Address: 160 Inglewood Ct Ormond Beach Fl 32174 ____________________________________________________________________
Type of Property: ____Single Family
______________________________ Owner Occupied?: _____Yes, it will be___________
Sales Price: $___155.000___________________________________ Date of Sale: Closing the end of July 2010______________________
Property Value: $ 155000_________ Established By – Sale/Other: ________ Date: __________________
1st loan Amount: $_140000____________ Monthly Pmt: $931.42____________ New / Assumed
2nd loan Amount: $_____________ Monthly Pmt: $____________ New / Assumed
Down Pmt Amount: $__15000___________ LTV: _______% ITV: _______%

Note Information
Original Amount: $__140000_______________ Balance: $_____140000___________ As of:_________________
Interest Rate: __7_____% Payment Amount: $_931.42________ Date of 1st Payment: _______________
Original Length: 360______________ mos. Type: Amort, I/O, Other __________________________
Number of Payments Made: ______0
___________ Number Remaining:___360___- new loan, not closed yet_________________
Are the payments on time?: __________ What day of the month are they due?: ____________
Balloon Payments (if any): $________0__________ Balloon payment due date: _______________
Are there any clauses: ________________________________________________________________

Seller Information
Note Seller’s Motivation: _Want cash to purchase another property
When Needs To Close: ______________________ Received other offers?: $_________________
What does the Payor do for a living? _Works at an attorneys office for 18 years and also for an electricians office
Payor’s credit score: __________________________________________________________________
Is there anything else I should know about this note?: __She has lived in the area over 35 years is married. Husband also works.


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Hi Ronda,

It been a pleasure working with you.


house in mich 22k

pm me with the details of this deal talk soon