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I am a highly motivated individual, ‘no’ is not an option. I love to help other people, small business development and entrepreneurship is a passion. I am looking forward to growing as a REI. My career paths have been a journey from data entry to managing small business programs and all in between.

Dining out, crafts, floral arranging, sewing, my grandchildren and great-grandchildren

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I am looking forward to attending one of the workshops coming to my's funny how things happen if they are meant to be...I started telling a few people about my "being a rei"...and a couple of days ago I got a call to go see a property this weekend...$1.3 million...must sell...asking $400k...I haven't even read the book yet until I get it on Wed...but I have been going through this site like crazy...but I'm going....and act like I know....and I'm sure I will be back to the site with tons of questions....