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Hi, I became a new real estate investor and found out my calling in real estate in may of 2011. I know this is what i want to do with my life cuzz nothing could build u better future and gsin fiancial independence than real estate. The town iLive in is in a buyers market and their are alot of preforeclosures, short sales, foreclosures, FSBOs, and anything u could possibly think of. The deals are out there and im takinfg action but havent landed one yet cuzz i dont have the right networks yet. I have all of Deans Books and they are just awesome pieces of Information. If anyone on the dg site is from racine or close to the Wi area pm me and lets make some money honey. Im really serious about all of this.

Real estate, Vet care, martial arts, Video games

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Real estate wholesaler and lease options specialists, Restaurant work, and other odd jobs
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