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phil oliver
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Retired Teacher... Active Volunteer with high-risk youth.
Believe wholeheartedly..... "With God, Your yesterdays don't determine your tomorrows."

Music... Faith ... Financial Coaching

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Retired Teacher
Have Child(ren)
Completed College

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What part of Texas are you from?

Thank you

Thank you Phil, for your comment. I just responded, you are welcome to PM me.We are in Conroe area. Lets meet together!

Sorry, late reply Phil.

Hello Phil ( How are you ? ),

Welcome and Thank you.

Am fairly new in the DG program, I have been involved for under a year now and working really hard to make some deals happen here in Texas.

It's a good thing that you have contacted me about your interest in the DG's program or DG Family. And thank you very much for choosing me as your first point of contact.

You've got it right, I am very serious about my business and as I expand my knowledge base & business, I too look for people who are serious about expanding their Real Estate business or share common interest. Possibilities are, we can team up to achieve our goals easier.

DG program is a great place to start and I love their useful information & valuable knowledge base. Since you've been following DG's Programs and attending small courses over the years, clearly you understand how beneficial it could become in achieving your personal goals. And the fact that you have been following the DG program for some good time. Tells me that you too are serious about real estate. Maybe it's a good thing or reason you have contacted me . What am trying to say is; you have a great shot at something great.

Becoming a Regional Manager in Texas for the DG team, would be a great opportunity to capitalize on and if you were serious about joining the team maybe we could become a great supportive team here in Texas and make a lot of deals happen. Mr.Phil, it's all possible to take something great and make it become greater. With your interest in the DG Family, I think is a wise chose. And to considering me as a your first actual post, means a lot, thank you very much again.

Hope to hear from you in the near future. I'll share with you further...

Noel ( San Antonio Texas )