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Hi, my name is Gloria. I have been a DG follower to his "realm of positive thinking" since 2008. I used his technics in 2008 to purchase my home. I actually purchased my home from an Investor using the yellow bandit signs. I evaluated many great deals and finally purchased my home for 115,000 with FMV of 138,000. Yes, 23,000 of equity, 5 bedrooms, and close to 1900 sq. ft. GOAL- to pay off my home in 8 years.

I finally made the decision to become a REI. My plan is to utilize the Real Estate Agent working for Keller Williams who assisted me in buying my home. My daily commute to and from work is about 35 minutes one way. I take different routes to work and scope out rentals, foreclosures, homes to be auctioned, homes for sales and I continuously take notes. I find the homes and do some research daily. Are there great deals in El Paso? Absolutely.

Currently looking at properties and crunching the numbers

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I'm excited about you giving away your IPad.  Your generosity rocks! The first question that comes to mind is will your websites remain there?   What websites does Dean Graziosi utilize?  

What have I learned from you, a person that I greatly admire?  I have read two of your books.  I attended foreclosure auctions in my city.  I learned to spot a real estate bargain.  I retired and purchased a house with over $23,000 in equity!  My computer messed up.  I stopped utilizing your resources at that time as I went back to work.  

  I recently received an invitation to attend one of your seminars which I attended.  I am currently reading your free book "Totally Fullfilled" about your life.  So here I am, once again in your realm of positive thinking! Yes, put my name in the hat for the opportunity to own not just any IPad, but the"DEAN GRAZIOSI IPAD."

Hi Gloria

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congratulations for joining this site and taking your first steps towards your rei success!

I noticed that you posted for the ipad here on your guestbook instead of on the main page; you can view all the posts there, and you can post below the last post there....

You will find great resources here as well as advice from many experienced investors.

Wishing you success,

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I am replying to your post in my in box. I have not yet purchased any properties, still learning Dean's materials/stradegies. Just returned from my first meeting with an RE agent. This was one of the first "homework" assignments in the "30 Days to cash" book. It went well, but some of the things we talked about confuse me with Dean's no-money-down stradegies. I do not have much money to get started, so I am still filtering through a lot of information at this time. Ever forward, one step at a time.