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Derek MusGrove I
Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas
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Derek Nathaniel MusGrove I, was born on the 10th May 1954 in Nassau Bahamas to Cleamine A. MusGrove Sr. and Orelia A MusGrove both deceased. He is married to Donell L.T. MusGrove nee Edgecombe and is the father of eight (Cool children and ten (10) grandchildren. Mr. MusGrove, a graduate of Prince William’s High School, Nassau Bahamas, completed a Masters Degree in Public Administration at The McHari Institute in the graduating class of 2004 in New Providence Bahamas.

This veteran Police Officer joined the Royal Bahamas Police Force on 5th November 1970 as a Police Cadet. In April 1972, he graduated from the Police Depot and Training School with the prestigious Baton of Honour (Top Best Recruit Award). In 1978, he was promoted to Corporal and in 1981 to Sergeant. Then in 1991, he was promoted to the rank of Inspector.

Mr. MusGrove possesses years of quality Law Enforcement experience and knowledge. He has held positions ranging from School Patrol, Investigation and Community Officer, Commanding Officer of several Stations and Divisions including the Police Armoury, Control Room and Maintenance Division, Airport Station, Eastern Division all of the Grand Bahama District, Licensing and Inspection Section, Paradise Island Station of New Providence District to the position as Second in Command of Southern Police Station, New Providence District of the Royal Bahamas Police Force upon his retirement in June of 2002.

A family man of God, a Catechist and Assistant Coordinator with The St. Anselm’s Roman Catholic Church, is a strong advocate of discipline, who believes in leadership by example and inspiration. He is one who has a proven record as a progressive Supervisor and Manager. He encourages subordinates to improve their performances through positive spiritual interactions, interpersonal relationships and training.

Mr. MusGrove also strongly encourages participatory management and enjoys the open communication between staff and members of the public. He is recognized throughout the Caribbean, the United Kingdom and the United States of America internationally as well as nationally in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas as an Armourer and Firearms Expert with certified and proven credentials. He is also founder of the Grand Bahama Rifle Club and Triple D’s Security Services.

This Real Estate Investor is licensed by the Bahamas Real Estate Association. He is associated with Caribo Real Estate located which is located on West Bay Street, New Providence. Mr. MusGrove has attended various conferences and seminars on Law Enforcement, Computers, Community Policing, Control Room Radio Trunk Systems, Marriage Encounters, Youth Leadership, Criminal Justice, Riot Control, Internal Security, Executive Protection, Hostage Crisis Incidents, Negotiations, Labour laws and Relations, Narcotics, Firearms, Leadership, General Small Business, Real Estate, and Supervisors and Management Courses.

In February 2003, he was employed with The Bahamas Public Services Union as the Recruitment, Research, Contract Negotiator, Internet Technician and Field Investigation Officer, all of these positions were held simultaneously until 23rd December 2010 until his resignation.

Mr. MusGrove, along with his wife, Donell are Certified Health and Wellness Coaches, as well as Independent Business Owners (I.B.O.) with Firstfitness Nutrition, a Health and Wellness International multi-level Marketing Company based in Carrollton, Texas U.S.A.

His hobbies include swimming, interacting with people, writing poetry and music.

Real Estate Investing, Music and Writing Poetry

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