Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #237 - Pause for Oklahoma Victims

Once again our nation has been rattled to the core by another destructive act of nature.

Oklahoma has been thrown into chaos over the massive tornado damage and precious lives have been lost. Dean shares the heartbreak of thousands who watch from afar as we can only imagine the pain and suffering being felt by the those at ground zero.

So once again we rally together as a family of "investors" and turn our eyes away from focusing on doing deals to band together to make an impact for the victims. Please watch and share the video to rally support. Every little bit counts. Alone, we can do a little, but together, we can make a tremendous difference. For easy ways to help please click here

Pause for Oklahoma Victims

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My Thoughts and Prayers go out to the victims and the families. And the citizens of Oklahoma.

Thank You Dean.....for all you do......Smiling



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our thoughts and prayers and consider this message shared.
keep moving forward, rob


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Thank you Dean. Events like this are an opportunity to focus the lens on our own lives and give us a reminder to feel blessed and grateful. I will reach out and donate to the SPCA, who will no doubt be literally on the ground to rescue and tend to the forgotten. That is my soft spot.

Oklahoma tradegy

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Dean, I don't watch the news any longer either but I did watch it on this horrible tradegy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this event. I couldn't imagine what these parents are going through losing their children. I will be giving as well so many are in need.


As usual you bring us together and bring to light gratitude. Yes, any thing will help. The Red Cross is a good start. I remain in Dean's realm of positive thinking. Gloria E. Sanchez

Thank you Dean

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Thank you Dean for putting this into our lives.
We have to remember and show the world that the DG Family can be and is a force for the betterment of our country. We are not just out to "make a buck" but to help those who need help. Whether it's by unburdening someone with a piece of property that drains their finances or by helping those who suffer from other disasters, Natural or Man made. That's what we do, we help!

I am sure that once again, the DG Family will step up and do it's part to aid those who need it.

From the joys of hearing of your Father/ Son trip to the sorrows of this storm, life is a roller coaster of emotions for sure.

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC and IE member

Heavy hearts!

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There have been so many tragedies this year but this one goes beyond what we can even imagine. Thank you Dean for stepping up once again and rallying the DG family together to do our part and help. Many want to help but don't know how and this video gives us an outlet to release our compassion and be a part of such a huge need.

May God bless these people with his love & mercy at a time when they need Him the most.


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Our prayers are with the people who were affected by this horrible tragedy. May they feel Gods love in this time of need!

Thank you for your video and

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Thank you for your video and inspiring us to help anyway we can to the victims in Oklahoma. Our hearts go out to them.

Oklahoma Tornado Victims

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Thanks Dean for all of the good you and your organization do in times of need. I'm helping the Red Cross. We need to come together in tough times and remember it can be anyone of us at anytime. I can't imagine what these people are going through.
The DG Family is a great group of giving people. Please help if you can.

Tim Peters
Bluestar Properties
Kingston, MA

Thank you Dean

My family and I live in Oklahoma City. My house is just minutes away from the path of destruction. We were fortunate unlike so many others. My heart and prayers go out to those that are suffering tremendously from this storm. Thanks to you and the rest of the DG family for your contributions, thoughts, and prayers!


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Thanks for making us more aware of who we should be. We know what we should be doing but, we get too busy with our lives to recognize the moment we should take action to help others. Thanks Dean you are great.

Oklahoma tragedy

It is unfortunately these tragedies that bring us all together. We look inward and thank God for our families and children and their safety AND PRAY FOR THOSE WHO ARE HURT. No matter how far we are from those hurt we must keep them in our sincerest prayers and warmest thoughts!

R. Asi


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Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with the DG family during this difficult time. We all feel for the people in Oklahoma as well as all the DG family members through-out the Midwest recently affected by these storms.

Working in corporate America for many years and meeting people all over the country, it is great how people can come together to help during these tragic times.

I often think that so many people get caught up in the daily grind of working and making money that it is sometimes easy to loose sight of what is really important in life. People focus and put so much into success that they sometimes miss out on life and sharing those special memories with family.

This Memorial Day Weekend or during the Summer time, rather than always work, people should celebrate and make time for the things that are really important in life. It is good to be ambitious and strive for success but we always have a price to pay for that success. Make time for family and the success will follow.

One thing is for sure, we can never get back today or yesterday but will surely long for these days come tomorrow.

Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Opened Hearts

Dean and all here in the DG family. I too am really thankful for my family and loved ones.

This tragedy helped bold and underline that again for me and as we see here many, many others. Our prayers, well wishes I extend to those effected.

I will do my part to help how I can. At the same time, respect and focus on the heightened underscore this has given me.

OKLAHOMA MOVIE SONG! Lots of Winds in that Song!

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My Heart Goes Out To All The People of Oklahoma. The damage looked like a movie scene or a war zone. But it is neither!
Lots of people hang onto things. Take a look at the pictures. Most of the things are gone. Things can be replaced. Not People! Sometimes, peoples priorities are twisted!

Hug and keep your families close to you!

I will be giving to the Red Cross!

Keep the People of Oklahoma in your Hearts.

Thank you, Dean

Oklahoma Tragedy

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My heart goes out to all the families in Oklahoma that had a loss. I have a son in Oklahoma and to have heard his voice yesterday was such a relief and a blessing. I am praying for the families and definitely will be making some type of donation to help.

Dean keep up the wonderful work that you do, you are a great inspiration.

Thank you,

Praying together, giving together

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Thanks for setting the pace. The loss is unthinkable. It is gratifying to see how Americans pull together to help in these situations. Convoy of Hope is our charity of choice. They are generally the first responder.

Oklahoma Strong

I just left Oklahoma City Sat. night, hearing this on Sunday and Monday was devastating. My prayers to my other half I had to leave there and their family, I am so thankful you all are ok. To all of Moore we are praying and know how very strong Oklahomans are, Dean it says a lot all you do, Thanks for this video. Oklahoma Strong Oklahoma Proud

We pray for OK

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Thx Dean for sharing this I w/feeling it, in spite of ignoring the news i heard too & it tore at my heart, all those children, there go I but for the grace of God, i tell myself & my wife. God bless you and OK & all the dg fam

Stay strong

Dean and everyone else who has contributed,

Your great people, you deserve more in life!

God Bless Oklahoma and may it be a swift recovery.


I can't even imagine having to go through that. May God Bless Them All.

Prayers & Thoughts to EVERYONE!!!

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If you cant send money donations or any kind of donations then just pray for them all!...Pray when you do for not just all those people that lost there homes, loved ones,etc... but also the first responders in this mess...Pray for the truckers whom were there when it hit just trying to deliver there loads, Pray for those truckers whom are going there now with loads of Relief....and pray for there safe return to run another load down there!!!

Pray For Everyone involved!



Oklahoma Disaster

Hi Dean,
Thanks for the reminder to take time out of the day to think about those in need and to help in some way whether financially, prayers or physical labor. The Red Cross is an amazing organization. In 1979, our home was totally destroyed by fire. My mom woke up around 3am to get a drink of water and notice side of the house in flames. Someone had set the vacant house next door on fire and it spread to ours, since homes were so close. Everyone got out alive, but with only night clothes on. I was bare feet. Everything was destroyed. There was another fire in the city that tied up fire department manpower, so our house burned to the ground. The Red Cross showed up that day with food and hotel vouchers for us to eat and have a place to stay. It meant a lot. The Church that we attended also helped the next day. Thank God for all the legitimate organization who help people in need. I am forever grateful.

Oklahoma Victims

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Our constant prayers and well wishes are extended all the way from The Bahamas. We will extend our help through our local Red Cross and whatever means we can. God's blessings be with the families and all others throughout these perilous times.

Blessings always

Oklahoma Tragedy

My prayer goes out to all the families in the Oklahoma tragedy.

Thanks for the video

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Thanks for the video Dean.

My cousin's entire house was destroyed in Moore, but luckily they were up north in Oklahoma City when it happened. His daughter attends one of the elementary schools that was destroyed, but she was taken out of school when he heard there was a big storm coming.

Not sure if they have insurance, I didn't ask. But homes are replaceable, people aren't!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

God's help


Thank you Dean

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for your mid-week video to talk about the Oklahoma tornado; it is very compelling when you hear about such devastating tragedies, and we feel so powerless as an individual, but when people come together, it's amazing how much can be accomplished as a group. Helping the red cross empowers it to provide greater help to those in need.

My prayers and thoughts are with all those who were affected in Oklahoma.

Dean, have you thought about maybe doing a raffle for one of your properties and donating the proceeds to the red cross? Just a thought...


prayer power is one's greatest tool.
the more people praying the more powerful it becomes.....let's all pray, not just today, but everyday....and not just for ourselves but for everyone...example..when I see a plane in the sky, I ask God to bless, comfort and strengthen everyone on that plane and all of their loved ones, and all of their future generations....pray BIG...GOD LISTENS.

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