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John Erber
Traverse City,MI
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I am a hard working 20 year old man,I have light brown hair,blue eyes and a strong love for god. Most of my life I have spend wondering how life works..Is the grass really greener on the otherside? Being an open-minded individual I am dedicated to helping others. After working so many dead end jobs I just got so fed up with the way things were going in my life. I saw one of Dean's commercials and thought he was just another one of those guru's. I went online did some research on Dean and I found him to be a really great guy and that his techniques did work. I immediately ordered two of his books 1. Profit from real estate right now 2.Be a real estate millionaire I have read the first book and I am pumped ,motivated name it!

Being outside in nature,reading the bible, riding my bike, being around positive sources.

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night merchandiser
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I'm looking for people in my area?

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Does anyone live near or in traverse city,mi. If so please e-mail me! Smiling

Hi John

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We are outside of Lansing and can work on investing anywhere in the state and beyond. P.M. your contact info and we can get to work.

hey was Deans

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hey was Deans success academy?

Whats up John

Just wanted to say "Go Redwings"