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Edwin Epperson
Destin/ Fort Walton Beach/ Pensacola
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I am a Private Lender in and around the far western edge of the Florida Panhandle. Email me for a lending criteria, make your offers and when you have an offer we will fund as long as it meets our criteria. Email me and I will gladly send you a criteria check list so that you have a guide to go by.. As of now we are not lending outside my immediate area.

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Private Mortgage Investor
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Completed High School
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lingdustin's picture

What's condition? such as point? interest rate? do you do mobile homes? thanks

Lenders Criteria Sheet

cebanks's picture

Hello I am located in Winter Springs Fl and would like to see what you have to offer please email me your Lenders Criteria shoot to charels@epshouses.com thanks for your time.

Lender Criteria Sheet

NatureCoastWholesaler's picture

Could you send me one of your Lender Criteria Sheets also.

Thank you, Debra