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Central Florida
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Hi there fellow DG family!

I was born & raised here in Central Florida. Still here & loving the Sunshine State.

I have been in some type of Real Estate most of my life. Started as an Investor & made $5,000 on my 1st deal with only $10 invested, but a friend talked me into getting my Real Estate Lic. & said I could do both. Well, I couldn't do both, not enough time & be happy too. So now I am back as a full time investor again but it almost feels like I am starting over because I had put so much time into working for a Real Estate Commission check at Century 21, I had let my own real dream & true love, Real Estate Investing go by the wayside. I am going for it again, this time I am not going to let anyone side track me with "their" ideas. Now it is my time & I am more motivated than ever.

Dean's program is where it's at, it is real people! Dean is real & truly cares about helping others to succeed. Dean is awesome & life is good.

Anyone interested in partnering up in Central Florida area please let me know & we'll talk.

Make it a great day !

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