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Craig Faczan
Valencia, CA
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I'm a real estate investor who is always looking for opportunities here in LA.

We have an investor fix-and-flip program in LA offering around 20% annual return.

We also have a out of state program for buy-and-hold for people who can't afford a traditional loan. Average net cash flow is $200 but we have some that are cashflowing $400-500!

I also need to cash out on 5 homes near Indy to fund a film where I'm executive producer. They are all cashflowing and occupied. You can probably even get rid of the PM (and save 10%) since our maintenance team is so on top of it. Please no lowball offers... I'm not desperate.

I look forward to meeting you all and feel free to contact me anytime.

I'm always looking for mentors and for people to mentor as well...

My gorgeous wife and best friend, canyoneering (rapelling 200' waterfalls), backpacking, fly fishing

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Property Specialist
No Children
Completed College

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