Southern California

Southern California

We're new and looking for properties and investors in the So California area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi all!

I have a wholesaler that is interested in S. Cal. properties, if you have something you could send to me, please let me know. I also have some websites that you may be able to network with the people on there. Take a look at,,,, I hope these work for you and you meet a lot of people there. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

LA Investor needs REO Inventory

We are serious investors looking for 50+ homes in the Los Angeles Area. We are cash buyers and we are looking into specific zip codes. If you are for real and can get us REOs immediately, please contact me today.


We are full time real estate investors with cash looking for quality inventory - primarily in the Los Angeles area. We also have CASH buyers across the USA - ALWAYS looking for properties. We are in immediate need of 50+ homes in LA (REOs preferred)! ! hope we can work together!


Refer to your thread "Need 50 REOs in LA"

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Willing to Network


I have awesome deals within the range of ( Bulk REO's, NPN's, Residental Properties, Commercial, Turnkey, Hotels,Duplexes, Condos, Multi-Family, Apartment Complexes and Offices). Are you interested in looking into investing in any of these niches? Or maybe you know someone within your Network that maybe interested in any of these Investments? Are you a Direct Buyer ? These deals are in areas such as (Michigan, Las Vegas, Nevada, Southern California, Florida, Atlanta, New York,and Texas) Please except me as a colleague and/or respond to my personal email (rebuyinvestors at gmail dot com) at your earliest convience. Thank you!!


I have a direct source for Bulk REOs here in CA that is legitimate and tried, true and tested. Right now they have packages, and this is NOT an exaggeration, at 20 cents on the dollar. This is one of the FEW companies that can do this legally and legitimately. It is a group of lawyers.

Please contact me. AND, I have a nice deal in El Segundo right now. Please PM me.

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