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Mcallen, Texas
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My name is David and I am truly excited to be a part of the DG community. I am committed to working with other Real Estate Investors in whatever capacity I can. My goal for being a part of this great network is to meet other investors, buyers and sellers.

I am in the field of Education. I really enjoy working with people from all walks of life. Over my years I have learned a great deal on how people think. I beleive this will help me in my Real Estate Investor path so that I may find the Hot Buttons of my customers.

To some great killer deals,


Reading, Basketball, Talking to People

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Completed Post Graduate

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Just need some reassurance!

First of all, a big thank you to all of you who post your comments and questions on this awesome site. I have gained a wealth of knowledge in 3 days.

Im ready to hit the hard running, but I would like some feedback to make sure I have everything is in order. Please correct me if Im wrong or if Im missing anything.

I meet with the seller.
We negotiate a price that I want.
The seller agrees.
We fill out a Texas Assignment of Contract.
Put ads out for 14 to 30 days for potential buyers.
I meet with the buyer.
We sign a Purchase agreement.
Then I meet with seller and tell them that I am backing out of the process.

Am I headed towards the right direction or am I still missing somethings. Please let me know. Im ready to go out and make some killer deals.

Thanks again!

80 ways to build a buyers list

WELCOME DAVID. you are gojng to love it here. read all of deans books including "totally fulfilled". look towards joining the success academy when you can. they have different prices so probably one to fit your budget.


Thanks for the input Natchez Mississippi

I appreciate your input! Keep up the great work!