Working on my first deal and my private money guy backs out! I have been told just ask for help and they will come. Closing in one week
do I just drop the deal or can anyone PLEASE help



No Deal Without The Cash

Sorry to hear your hard money guy walked out. Those guys are a dime a dozen. However I take it you dont have a back up funding source? If not id start by looking on craigs list for some lenders. Also, id target the we buy houses guys and either ask them if they intrested and assign it to them or ask who they use for hard or private money.


Well Hello again,

I Wrote that first email before I read my inbox. I did look on craigs list for For Sale by Owner and came across a lead and I'm working on with private money. Thanks for writing.


We are writing contracts live

Correna, well im glad to see you have not given up. HM is everywhere. Currently we are writing up 10 contracts live. We just started a live action team to show newbies what all is involved in this business. So we are hoping to buy a house a week. We will see how it goes lol

If you ever want to watch and listen..let me know:)

writing up 10 contracts


Yes I would be very interested in listening to what you have.

Thanks Eye-wink

3 Contracts Today

Well we wrote 3 contracts today, we got way of coarse and side tracked lol. We had an ambitious goal of buying a house a week, lol seems like we need to scale it back a bit and try a house a month for now!

We usually write contracts every evening from 7pm Est until we fall asleep lol and we discuss anything pertaining to doing deals. If you send me a private message I can let you know how to connect with us and watch and listen.

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