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I just sent you a PM and wondered if you got it? Thanks!

i need help to find a realtor

I need help finding a creative investors in Philadelphia PA, if you can help me to find one please live a coment on mi page, or send me a PM. Thank You!


Are you still searching for a creative Realtor who actually invests like Dean does?


Im not sure if you are still around, its rare I checck into this site, maybe I should lol. How are things going on your end?

RE Investing Club

Hello, Bennie

Can you direct me how to join RE Investing Club. I am in Richmond VA. Very new to this. I was glad that you are in Newport News area but I also read that You are moving to Co?? Well I hope you are around Thanks

Real Estate Meet Up

Im in Newport News/Hampton active Investor and licensed Realtor. Here is just ONE Real Estate Investing group that meets one time per quater in your local area sign up and get more information from them.


Also you can find any type of meeting group in your local area by going to this site and doing a local search http://www.meetup.com/find/

If there is anything else you need help with contact me ..I love helping:)


Thanks Bennie so much for the information.


Bennie, thank you so much. I already joined one of the clubs in my area and sign up for the meeting next Thursday. I am little scare....I have no knowledge about investing...I probable will be sitting down feel so small...things will get better, right? Thanks again so much for your information.

Network Network Network

Youre welcome. Also, today at 1pm EST we are having an online meeting and writing up several properties hopefully buying 2 or 3.

If you intrested contact me through pm. Ill be showing how to write contracts as you view my computer.


Bennie, I wish I'd check your message this morning. Been so busy with my crazy kids all day. (Today Saturday, you know!!!)...anyway thanks again for your support. I'll let you know next week about the meeting I signed up. Have a wonderful weekend. GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR FAMILY.

I Understand

Haha I understand...you HAVE A LIFE ! However if you wish to join the group refer to the pm I sent you. Call them, some stragglers are still over at Adobe Connect Networking.


Bennie, how are you??!!!
Well, so I went to the meeting. it was someway fantastic. The meeting itself was that one of the funding companies try to advertise their funding program but I met these two people who are investors already. It seems like they have done a lot and they said they would'n mind to help me. I don't know how it will go but I got their business card. Im happy that at least I did made some contacts...right?
Thanks Bennie for your support.
oh bytheway, starting next week, I am attending REAL ESTATE SALES PERSON LICENSE CLASS...wish me luck on that. I wish you are in Richmond area so I can bugggg you more:). I might work for your brokerage after I get my license right? haha. thanks gain. GOD BLESS
talk to you.


Well good for you ! Glad you enjoyed the meeting, even more important you are rubbing elbows with the people in your area that are actually doing it ! This is how it will start for you ! Keep going to the meetings, asking questions and networking with the people there !

Youre on an incredible journey ! If I can help in any way let me know !!!

Find a Realtor

i need to find a Realtor Maine.i had about 7 Realtors over the year and they dont know much about the business.Also i went to REO club they were no help they told me i need money/credit/so sort of income or you can not move forward also they would not help or give us any ideas.So i think this is why we have not gone any place with this business it been a year.Also we cant even get anyone to our buyers list.What are we doing wrong.HELP.Thank You

Finding A Good Realtor

Jimmy Hello

I understand youre looking for a good Realtor. Youre on the right track. Get a Realtor not a Real Estate Agent. Investor friendly Realtors are out here dont give up ! Read my blog here for the inside scoop. If you need me just reply.


Welcome Aboard

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Hello Bennie,

I'm also in Va (Uva) area.

Welcome to the DG Family!



Thanks for the welcome, I am in the Hampton Roads Area.


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Are these contracts good to use in any state in the U.S.? I want to purchase then assign property to another buyer. Will the Purchase and Sale Agreement and the Assignment of Contract work?
Can you call me or shoot me a text on this.


Finding an investor friendly realtor


I'm new to this as well. I've read a bunch of blogs regarding "how to find an investor friendly realtor" and some have mentioned about what to say (script) when looking for one. There's also supposed to be a video from Matt that addresses this. Does anyone out there who can point me to the right direction?


Need Help

Bennie this is user waidef! You commented on my post yesterday! I was wondering if you could email me a copy of the One page contract that you use! Just so i can have something to go by!
Thanks In Advance!