Independence Day

July 2, 2014. Stardate Retrospect last July 2013 I was logging on to DG more frequently. We bought one rental last summer.

Initiate: Seth Godin blogger and Squidoo launcher wrote Poke the Box...see what happens, don't let fear stop you from being an entrepreur. Go,go, go get out there and applaud the people trying(and yes failing) but Getting back up to try again. Godin also wrote Linchpin and it is my next book on the summer reading list as well as Alchemist, (Dean's pick).

Cobb building has been used in England, and around the world as mud built homes for centuries. American southwest people call it adobe. This month I am creating an adobe wall to fence the view on the rental property. The project will be a learning experience. I am starting and will take photos along the way. Permaculture is a greener way of living on the earth with our homes, and natural surroundings. Training others about housing like Dean's blogs, and education programs connect people with important assets, people, our homes,families, and neighborhood communities.

What does that have to do with real estate investing?I'm investing in the future teaching unemployed teens how to construct garden beds, walls, small carpentry frames etc. Also I connected with a few DG investors networking online for deals in Tucson and Sierra Vista.
A boot camp of Greener Home Improvement classes:)

Don't be afraid to get your feet wet or a little muddy. Dirt never hurt anyone:) Let the journey begin.

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