Don't know where to start

My name is jason and i have been a member of DG site for a while. I own the think a little different course and three of Deans books. The one i am reading now is 30 days to real estate cash. I guess before i was not motatived enough to do something with RE but now my new wife and i are stuck in a rut. We had an apartment but we could not save anything. We are now living in her parents house in a small bedroom. The home is less than 1000 sf so its a little cramped. So i guess i will get to why i writing this. I just dont know where to start i have very little credit (bankrupcy) less than 2 years ago. Less than $20 in both of my bank acc.
A maxed out credit card. And working 70 hrs a week. Just a little over whelmed right now. I'm just looking to get my wife and i out of her parents house and into are own home so we can start a family of our own. Any suggestions would be greatly helpful.

how to begin

Jason, the educational tools are out there! Doesn't sound like you have a lot of free time. but when you do, read, blog, email. That is how I learned all i know about RE investing. I know just about every type of transaction out there. I don't have $$, so I am pursuing OPM!


I have been feeling the same way lately and I am doing what ever I can to end next year better than last. There is no reason that a real estate investor should not be making 10,000 a month. Private message me and I will share what practices I have been doing to become more focused. Maybe we can become accountability Partners.

Keeep reading all you can on here

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and from the books when you have time. It sounds like you work so much, but bit by bit you can grow your business and the 30 days is an excellent book to show you how to find and make a profit hopefully in a quick manner. It really doesn't take a lot of time, but you may have to take the weekends to look at a property or whatever it takes to do that first deal. Wishing you the best! Go get em'. Tammy