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Lawyer in Chicagiland area

I am looking for a real estate attorney in the Chicagoland area that specializes in wholesaling, option to buy, REOs and short sales.

What's going on Maureen?

I sent you a private message a while ago. This is a testimonials of an old business partner, "Thank you so much for helping us through the process of. Selling our home. The part that I will never forget is in the beginning when you reviewed our purchase agreement prior to our signing. Your suggestion. . . literally saved us over $6,000.00." Partner in Minnesota. I am ready to help, you have to let me. Smiling

Real Estate Attorneys

If you need one for advice, or to review paperwork for you so that your best interest is at hand, contact me and I can get u top rated lawyers on your real estate side. And more lets network and get some good work done!

Real Estate Attorneys


I am sorry I did not contact you before. I do not use this site often. I would like to network. I have not started my real estate busines yet but it will be great to have attorney help!

What type of real estate are you interested in? Where is St. Albans? In the city? I live in the western suburb of Woodridge outside of Chicago. Do you know any attorneys in the Western suburbs of Chicago?

It will be nice to network! Maybe we can work a deal together, who knows?


Aloha & Mahalo! Welcome

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Aloha & Mahalo!

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Thank you

If you are looking for anything in New york let me know. I will check what I have at the time and if none fits I will know what you are looking for. Peace

Here's another shot!

I want to peruse the proposed networking proposal. For it to happen you have to take action and reply. All of the rest will fall into place. Peace

Watch this video!

Let me know what your comments are!

Still have faith.

I am currently looking for cash buyers.

Nelson Muntasir

Hey Benjamin,

Can you tell if you ever heard of "Nelson Muntasir" a loan broker out of New York now doing biz in Brail?


Can't say that I have.

Time to make money

I really want to get a consistent amount of deals going on for this year. I really need assistance with getting started. If there is anyone that will be able to guide me in a good direction it will be greatly appreciated. Until then I will be learning on my own.