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Is There Moss Under My Feet

I am an individual that works so hard I don't take care of myself as well as I should. This site is more than learning about real estate for me. This is learning about what I want for me and what I can do for myself to attain my goals, dreams and desires.
What my thoughts are right now is that inspite of how hard I believe I am working am I doing enough of the right things to move forward fast enough so that moss doesn't grow under my feet. My financial situation does not allow me to hold on to the properties I am submitting contracts on so I can generate cash flow. The focus needs to be on wholesaling right now.

It Happens When You're Eating

Remember all the jokes about selective hearing? It is so true. Now that I have been working on my REI education I am hearing words I never conciously heard before. Words like leverage, estate, moving, agent.

I was attending a barbacue at a friends home and with so many people there all talking at once I usually hear only the conversation in front of me. I found that my head would pickup from my plate each time I heard these new words. It wasn't long and I was having the best REI conversation with a guest who was in a selling position for a property in their families estate.

So what I've learned is you can even have opportunities for REI when you are up to your elbows in some great barbacue.

Taking Action 2of25

I am amazed of the houses that are out there. I wish I was in a position to buy and hold because the cash flow would be great. I am focusing on wholesaling. I can see how having a larger buyers list is really going to help. I'll just keep doing what Dean is advising me to do because I know my portfolio is just around the corner.

My First 1 of 25

I think my agent hates me right now. I told her to put a offer in on a property that another client said he wouldn't touch. Ofcourse I am offering next to nothing so it will be interesting to see what comes of it.

First Property Ready To Sell

I have a property in Eaton Rapids that I purchased intending to rent. My tenant backed out at the last minuted. No I have this property and no renter. I have listed the house on the MLS and really want to get an offer. Priced it under the market to get some interest. Having showings but no offers. Considering sending it out to my buyers list but need to make sure that won't cause a problem with my listing agreement. I have an announcement notice ready to go as soon as I make sure I don't burn any bridges with my realtor.

Following the Blueprint

Today I was able to begin the homework assignments from Dean's book 30 Days to Real Estate Cash. I was really encouraged by Dean when I heard him speak at the March Buying Summit in Nevada. I am looking forward to learning and implementing all the tasks and skills this opportunity presents.

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