Is There Moss Under My Feet

I am an individual that works so hard I don't take care of myself as well as I should. This site is more than learning about real estate for me. This is learning about what I want for me and what I can do for myself to attain my goals, dreams and desires.
What my thoughts are right now is that inspite of how hard I believe I am working am I doing enough of the right things to move forward fast enough so that moss doesn't grow under my feet. My financial situation does not allow me to hold on to the properties I am submitting contracts on so I can generate cash flow. The focus needs to be on wholesaling right now.
When those contracts are sold I believe I will realise my first - no my second goal. What I need to do for me right now is acknowledge what I have been doing and keep doing it.


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Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. It will come as long as you don't quit!

Best wishes to you!


I think you will

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get there sooner than you think! Best Wishes LeAnn!