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LeAnn Albright
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Wow I've made it.
As a single mom of two great kids I have faced extreme financial struggles and survived. I gave them everything I could to give them a happy childhood and to help them prepare for their adult lives. Now that they are 16 and don't require much of my time and energy anymore I can use my time to build on my dreams and desires.
I have spent my paycheck career as a Secretary and Administrative Assistant for a variety of companies. As a Real Estate Investor I am able to take all the experience I have and add additional real estate education to become a successful, independent and joyful woman.
Within my first three months of making my committment to become a Real Estate Investor I was able to purchase a property. Now is my time and I intend to grab hold and climb.

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New to Group

Hello LeAnn,
I'm new at this, too (still in 'Success Academy'). But with each new day I am learning so much more...and I love it! But, one thing that I keep hearing over and over again is the fact that networking (getting plugged-in) is so important. So....here I am Smiling This is my very first post on DG and I had to put my fear aside to do it. Lol. But, hopefully I'll be pro before too long.

Welcome leAnn and Josephine

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It is true that networking is key! Use social media, such as facebook and linkedin as well. You can find me on linked in as well and connect.
Best wishes!!

Great to meet you FinaT

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Hi Fina, Isn't it amazing how much we have learned through this opportunity. I am enjoying applying some of the techniques to move my REI career forward. Yes, I want to be a full time professional REI. I am currently working on two deals. How are things going for you?

N.Y. state properties

Hi Anitarny: We have not met formally but I was presented with a house in Hyde Park, near Culinary, 1450 Sft, 3bd,1ba, nds tlc, priced under 75k; also a farm house in Pleasant Valley, 3bd/2ba, also low priced. Question is:since my buyer's list is completely on the West Coast, how would I go about finding buyers on the East Coast(they probably wanna see it)to propose deals to? I would appreciate a pm ASAP since this is of course time sensitive!! Thanks, so much, Your Twin name RE investor, artdecodancer

people in my area on DG

I am looking to network with DG affiliates in the NE Indiana or Michigan area. What is a good way to find people in my area on this site.


Things are going....

Hi LeAnn, First of all, I want to appologize for not responding sooner. I feel terrible about this. Sad Between Success Acedemy lessons, reading Dean's book and life in general...well, I think you know where this is going. That, plus the fact that I'm still trying to navigate my way around this website. Lol. I see something new everytime I visit! I guess that's the point, right? Again, so sorry.
And, I am amazed!.....at the opportunity, the support and all the positive affirmations found here. What a great place to be.
I don't have a deal in the works yet, but I'm getting closer to having my ducks-in-a-row. How exciting that you have two!! Keep me posted!

New Real Estate Investor Florida

I am still in training (Inner Circle)My Goal was to start placing offers starting October, which I fulfilled, no acceptance yet, continues to put in offers using the 25:1 strategy. attending REI clubs weekly, looking to do my first deal by the 15th. happy to join this group