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Are you ready for that adventure in real estate investing? Have you looked for a great deal in your area or state but have been unable to find a property where the numbers screamed "DEAL"!
If you have cash and would like to to invest in killer deals, then this could be the group for you! There are thousands and thousands of homes just in a few mile radius of our local target market areas. Often we get an opportunity to view deals all over the country.
Do you like REOs? You may have an opportunity to be part of a deal where we buy and hold the property for a current and future stream of revenue. We may have deals where we offer assignments for a fee, and even cash or equity deals. There is something here for every investor that has cash and wants to start this adventure!
Please post if you have something that would qualify under these types of transactions and also post and let the group know what and how much Cash you may have available for future real estate deals. Membership will be based upon approval. Please feel free to send an email, we look forward to speakign with you. Thank you for your time and interest! Let the Adventure Begin! Believe and Achieve! - Joe

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