Bakersfield Ca Investors Group

Hi All,
I am new to the community.....I was at a seminar this past weekend in Palm Springs, CA and was introduced to the teachings of Dean.....WOW!!!!!!!!
I am an unemployed Sr Mortgage Underwriter....I know how to package a loan but investing is a new game for me. I am very anxious to absorb all this info....I have a few favorite areas but the Probates are very itriguing to me. I still have more CD's to go thru....
Just want to say Hi to all and to let you know I am VERY excited on this new opportunity/door that has opened for me. Dean....Thank YOU for allowing this to happen for me.....very excited and ready to take off. May need assistance and guidence from my new community.....I will be in touch...Lisa B

Need Dg members to Partner Up with me - Cash Ready!!!

I need to partner up with several DG students in California and Florida. I have the Private Lender with lots of cash to lend me. Need properties, that are real wholesale deals. If you live in California or Florida and wants to make money with me, send me a PM message to ecazdi
This is so simple, but i live in an area that inventory is ridiculously low: less than 100 properties for sale!
This is why i need people outside my area. Lets talk and make money!! I have all in place to start.

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