Birddog Available


My name is Robert Yeager located in Pennsylvania.
I work as a bird dog. I am interested in working with some investors on deals.

Hi Robert,

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About your post.

My cash buyers need a specific numbers or needless to say they won't purchase a property that doesn't 'fit' their need.

They want a tremendous deal but do pay cash. Once a property is found it is assessed.

1)We know within a week if our Licensed Broker will purchase the property. (He purchases with cash).
2) He closes in 30 days from when i make an offer.
We get paid after the closing - on the same day or within a few days.
(He buys several properties a month).
(He is able to purchase in all 50 states but has actually purchased in 37 states at this point).
(Please don't be surprised because our licensed broker likes to buy more expensive and sometimes bigger houses, ok).

Ideally, we would look for several properties.
We get paid when he purchases the property and that is within or about 30 days. (30 from when i submit an offer based on his guidelines).

What type of bird dog fee did you have in mind?