Hello... if your a cash buyer looking to purchase home in the state of Florida in areas like Broward count and Dade county. Link me up

Greetings from Broward county.

Good day fellow DG family members.

I’m looking to build a team of real estate professionals to assist me in my real estate investing. I am concrntrating on Broward county. Although I’[m familiar with the area I’d love to pick your collective minds as to marketing stragities, target areas, etc. If you are interested in being an important part of my team please send a PM. Feel free to check out my bio and/or journal to get more info about mr.

Thank you. And I look forward to read8ing your posts.

what am I missing?

This is for the group. My progress has slowed somewhat. I seem to be very busy doing things but have gotten sparatic responces from my ads. Question, is this par for the course here in South Florida?

Read my journal to see if I've missed anything. I look foward to your comments. PM me if you like.


Attracting Buyers

Well, this is for the group. I've been very active placing ads on Craig's List, Backpage, and Exigoo trying to get buyers. I've also contacted ads in those areas that "pay cash for houses" to get some bird-dogging action. Question; is there something I'm overlooking? If I were moble enough I would consider joining a real estate club.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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